Stable Release 14/09/2017

Soo… my DAC is arriving next week… how is it?

It’s REALLY good man… Are you using it as a DAC only or DAC/Headphone Amp? And which headphones?

No it’s gonna be my main DAC. I’m not a headphone guy, but I wanted an FPGA - based DAC for a long time. The stuff from PS is out of my league, but after reading the first reviews on the HUGO I decided to go for it.

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It’s fantastic as both. I wasn’t a headphone guy with my previous big and loud HiFi system but moving to a small apartment forces some changes lol. My old GoldenEar Triton Ones would blow the roof off this apartment building I think lol.

The Hugo2’s FPGA is so powerful - it upsamples to nearly 100MHz (2048 x original sample rate). Crazy!

I’m the opposite in that I didn’t really like the Hugo 1 and even Mojo (I was comparing to a pretty high standard though, the DirectStream) but the Hugo2 is right up there and in a tiny package and at much lower cost.

What is your chain after the Hugo2, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi Sean,

The Hugo just arrived. I’m… stunned. I mean, the W4S is a really, really good DAC!
I’ll quote my wife: “huh, does that black thing make this difference?”

But the Hugo… that’s a different league. And then that size and that look-and-feel.

Love it. Love at first sight :wink:

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The one thing I struggle with, being colour blind, is differentiating with some of the colours! lol

Like I found it really difficult to tell the difference when the power ball changes from charging (blue) to desktop mode (magenta). But now I can see that desktop mode has has a slight pink to it so I’m guessing that’s their idea of magenta.

I turn crossfeed off and prefer the white filter for everything, so that’s easy, in terms of colours.

I know you don’t use it for headphones but the volume control ball is too cool. Very accurate with getting precise volumes too.

The whole thing (with sound quality most important of course) is just an engineering masterpiece. Not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for, maybe even more!