Stable release 15/07/2017


I’ve released a fairly small update that adds support for the Justboom AMP HAT. Furthermore this release wraps up some ‘under-the-hood’ work that moves all stuff from my home infrastructure (downloads, feedback channel etc.).

This time I also created a new image as the previous was was already quite old, which means it needs to pull in all updates during install.

As usual for those that already run RoPieee these changes will be pulled in automatically.
But you can also grab the fresh image from



I just install this version on pi2… Roon on MAC can see brigde and stream DSD 128 to pi2

But my LCD 7" (connect to pi2 HDMI ) display only booting process then become bank … nothing display

Connected to the RPi2 HDMI? The official Raspberry Pi LCD touchscreen doesn’t use the HDMI connector. Are you using something different? As far as I’m aware, RoPieee only supports the official RPi LCD Touchscreen display. Furthermore, it disables the HDMI connector.

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I have this 7" waveshare
and also 3.5

With runeaudio ( also base archlinux arm, install roonbridge) display ok

May be need to install some parkage and driver to run with Ropieee

That might be the case, but I don’t have the hardware nor do I have plans to buy it.
For now I’m only supporting the official Raspberry Pi 7’’ display.


Some people have a small pc monitor (15-17") can use as display from brigde or conect to TV… connect to Roon core that is simple one

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