Stable release 2.428 (2020/02/05)


A little bit earlier then anticipated, but there were some things that needed a fix.
Most important one is the update for the LAN chip driver on Allo’s Usbridge device.

Here’s the changelog:

  • IMPROV: [Usbridge] update LAN driver
  • IMPROV: the return of the RTL8XXXU driver
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] disable services on install
  • IMPROV: introduce new versioning scheme
  • FIX: when switching coverart there’s a brief mention of ‘no connection’



Thanks Harry! Well done.

I updated to 2.248 shortly after it was released. After reboot, most of the setup stuff is gone! It works still as a Roon endpoint, but the screen looks like this:

and the Network tab like this:

Is there a way out of this and on to the newest 2.450 version, or do I need to re-load the SD-card and take it from there?

oh wow :frowning:

Is it possible to go to the ‘advanced’ tab so you can send me some feedback?


No, I just see those 2 tabs as on the screen shot.

And if I hit the Commit charges button I can see this:

But, if I then hit Save changes I get another error:

Hmmm… I’m afraid this is gonna be a reflash.

No worries, I manage that :slight_smile:

Just thought you wanted to know…