Stable release 2.464 (2020/03/17)


We had a few regressions (UPNP/DLNA and Librespot) in the last release.
That’s now corrected.



@spockfish, v 2.462 only applies to RoPieeeXL, correct? Standard still reports v2.459.


Yes. On a standard unit there’s nothing to be updated.

beta channel is now latest at what 2.457?

Yeah didn’t had time to update the beta channel with this stuff as well. We’ll do that asap.


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Hi -
Updated.Getting the “not connected” display:
Roon sees the device and can play music to it. Roon zone name and host name are correct.
Extension in Roon is running.

I’ve rebooted multiple times and also rebooted Roon Core.
Still getting the error.

Can you send feedback?

I had earlier changed the hostname and zone name. Just now changed the name back to what it had been previously and the display started working again as it should.
Not sure why it reacted this way to the name change, as I changed it in all the places it should have been changed. But at least it is working now.

Do you still want to see the feedback? I’ll send it if you do.