Stable release 2.486 (2020/05/09)


It’s been a while, but here’s a new update!

Fairly calm release, focus has been on stability and fixing some small issues.
But I really wanted to have the kernel update out there, so here it is.

As always you can find the changelog on, but here it is as well:

  • NEW: support for TP-Link Archer T4U WiFi USB dongle
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update HQPlayer NAA
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel for Pi 4
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel for Pi 2 and 3
  • FIX: handle special characters in WiFi ESSID
  • FIX: don’t enforce Google’s DNS servers

One important notice: The update takes an additional reboot after they are installed. Due to some under the hood changes there won’t be a notice in the webinterface suggesting that. So please reboot after the message “you’re system is being updated” is gone from the screen.



Hi @spockfish !

Thanks for your awesome work.

Is it possible to see the beta channel changelogs too ?

Ropiee is Open Source ?

No beta changelogs are not available. You should only run beta if it’s absolutely necessary or you just want to ‘live on the edge’.

RoPieee is free for use, but right now the source (at least most of it) is not publicly available.


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Updated two Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 from version 2.464 to 2.486 without problems. Additional manual reboot done. Thanks @spockfish !

Does Ropieee include the Pi4 firmware flash for the USB controller? Or do we need to boot a regular Raspian MicroSD to ensure it gets flashed and then switch to a Ropieee card?

It is included. Go to the information tab in the web interface.


Thanks @spockfish
Updated 2 RPi 3Bs without any issues.

howto enable IPV6 ? A parameter in /etc/ropieee.conf ?
Like “rp_network_ipv6=1”

Updated Raspberry 3 and it went flawlessly. Well pleased!

Updated a RPi4 (from beta), flawless… previous USB DAC disconnect issues resolved(as per the beta)…

Thank you so much Spockfish!!
Works perfectly with my HifiBerry and Synology Core

harry are you aware if the XL image supports the allo usbridge signature? I seen some people not having success with it. Plain Ropieee will do but the XL is my preferred choice.

(my allo usbridge signature is in the post)

I’m running the Usbridge Signature with XL.

Thanks, wasn’t sure if it would work. I don’t think it’s listed as compatible on your site.

When it arrives Friday, as usual when I get a new device and use ropieee I will make a donation.

Yeah. You’re right that is is not mentioned on the website. I should report that.


I just see the version 2.493 … is it a beta one?

No. Hotfix

Any idea how to turn the crazy bright green led off?

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@spockfish I am getting random clicks since this update with my Ifi Nano BL. It was all fine before. I remember with a previous kernel update this happend to. Very sad as it’s been working so well. :frowning:

That’s weird. I have a Nano BL as well and used it last couple of days without any issues.

Are you on beta or stable?