Stable release 2017/08/31: introducing touchscreen support

How long have you waited? It took about 25 minutes and several reboots to get it fully up and running. It also needed to download some updates.

Ok! Everything is running now :wink: Just re-installed the image completely and I also missed to activate the remote in Roon itself!

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You need to activate the RoPieee extension on settings. Harry, it may be useful to add this to the instructions on the RoPieee web interface.

For all german speeking people here… we got a new tutorial for the complete installation and setup online:


Are you able to browse artists and albums with the touch screen, or does it just display what is currently playing?

No browsing, just the display of what’s playing (plus play controls).

Yeah, I’ve been ‘playing’ with the browsing API during the holidays.
But it was far from fun :wink:

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Hi Harry,

Did you have a look at the library browsing that @Mike_Plugge implemented in his Web Controller? It might be a good example/starting point.

The Web Controller is my standard tool for exploring the browse API :slight_smile:

Yeah I did. Indeed a great help. But the browsing API is a … to work with. The whole construction with the ID’s is just beyond me :wink:

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