Stable release 2017/11/25 (076)

Hi All,

I’ve just pushed out a new stable release. Most noticeable is WiFi support I guess. I still don’t recommend it for audio, but it works nicely if you use it on a ‘display-only-RoPieee’ configuration. Here’s the changelog:

  • FIX: static network configuration does not resolve properly
  • FIX: don’t show the display tab on the network page if there’s no display
  • IMPROVEMENT: no need to re-enable extension on update
  • IMPROVEMENT: Linux kernel 4.9.60
  • NEW: WiFi support (DHCP-only) on the Raspberry Pi 3
  • NEW: support for the Audiophonics I-SABRE ES9028Q2M

A new image is also available on

Next release will have some focus on the screen and documentation. The latter is really necessary, so by mentioning it here I can’t duck out if it any longer :wink:

Enjoy the weekend and the music!

Regards Harry


Hi @spockfish

Thank you for your effort. Ropieee just works like a charm, and I am really exited about support for AUDIOPHONICS I-Sabre DAC ES9028Q2M. Does build 076 work with Allo Kali and Audiophonics?

Best regards,


Harry (@spockfish), the wifi works great! (For those new to RoPieee, use ethernet for the initial install and then use the web gui to add wifi support under the Network tab. Don’t forget to make a DHCP reservation for the new MAC address if desired.)

Also, just FYI, the Pi2Design 502DAC Pro that I have been using recently (AES out) does work selecting the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro dropdown, in case anyone asks.

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I have an Audiophonics I-SABRE ES9028Q2M Kali edition with an Allo Kali. I loaded up this latest Ropieee version. Roon does not see the device. Hopefully it’s just me doing something wrong.

Well, I should have said ‘preliminary support’. Due to my limited hardware set I haven’t been able to test the Audiophonics myself, I just integrated the software. Right now someone is testing it, so let’s see.

Wrt to the Kali: I don’t know tbh. I don’t own a Kali nor did I looked into it so we need to figure this out.

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Wifi - Awesome! Question: Where is the screen power off button?

upper right corner of the touch screen

Thanks. For some reason it wasn’t there after initial startup. It is there now.

If one has update set to manual how does one know there is an update available and then update to it. I was on 61 (I think) and had to reinstall to get 76.

It tells you in the webgui. You then update but it tends to take a while with no feedback as to what is happening, you need to keep refreshing to tell you update has installed and unit needs rebooting.

It’s only there when the zone is not playing.

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What tab of the webgui cos I can’t find it. I thought it would be on the Advanced tab page but not on mine.

It’s on all of them above the tab list.

Yeah, give it some time. Leave the web ui open and hit the refresh button after a while.

Hmmm… @Tony_Reimann and @CrystalGipsy,

Gonna improve this a little bit, because this indeed can take some time before it comes visible.
On the todo list for the next update.

Regards Harry

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My web ui is permanently open and the only thing above the tab list is a box with welcome to Ropieee. [ropieee]

Can you send me feedback? Because then it seems that RoPieee thinks there’s nothing to update.

Sorry Harry Im on holidays in Oz so cant test much now as all my pi’s are shutdown.

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Do you need any help? Or where you able to update?

Best regards,

Your last response arrived at about 1am in NZ and I had gone to bed. Will look today but as I had installed the latest release from scratch there is indeed nothing to update. Will reinstall an earlier version and see how it goes.