Stable release 2018/04/23 (099)


Time for another round of updates. Most noteworthy is (preliminary) support for the @Orchard_Audio ApplePi DAC.

Furthermore the usual stuff, here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for Orchard Audio’s ApplePi DAC HAT
  • NEW: native DSD for the Topping DX7s
  • IMPROVEMENT: bump Linux kernel to 4.14.34



I just noticed something funny on the website: the first public release happened exactly one year ago :slight_smile:


Congrats Harry! In 12 months RoPieee has quickly become very very popular :slight_smile:

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Thank you for adding support so quckly.

There is 20 days left to get your ApplePi DAC at a discount here:

Great stuff Harry…and congrats to Orchard Audio’s new DAC. Might just grab one seeing as I wasn’t able to get on the beta test.

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Y’know, Harry (if I may call you that), for a “grin and tickles” enterprise, you run Ropieee like a business. Nice first year.

[PS: “grin and tickles” = hobby project. not meant to be pejorative.

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Happy Birthday RoPieee :birthday:


Happy to say that my 4 pi’s all updated no issues…and the one that was on wifi I swapped back to lan and that’s fine too…so might be some wifi bugs in there still not displaying IP address on the lcd panel settings and very slow or rather non save option working.