Stable release 2018/09/01 (160)

Hi Sean,

I can’t extract the feedback tarball. That usually is not a good thing.
Can you ask hem to restart the unit?

Hi Nathan,

Yes I would recommend that. It won’t change much, becuase you’re already running most of the released stuff anyways.


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I’ve restarted ropieee several times and also the Roon server…

Hey Harry @spockfish

He did that a few times already

It happened today with 2 different RoPieee Touchscreen displays (different listening rooms) - both updated to v160 within 2 minutes of each other

I can’t imagine both SD cards decided to die at the same time of this update.

I’ll guide him through a clean image install on the SD cards next weekend.

Everything else is working fine - just a flashing blue track progress bar

Let’s see if anyone else reports it over the next few days

Ok. You’re log shows that the unit is trying to download a picture form the server which is not there. Can you try with a different track and/or zone?

And then send me feedback again?

So both units show a flashing progress bar???

Correct… seems a little more than just coincidence.

Then again, the chance of 2 different SD cards dying at the same time is not exactly zero, so maybe it is really bad luck :grin:

Let’s see if anyone else reports this over the next few days.

Here it is: 196cf5efadb28f3a
Several track changes.
Now the display shows date/time…
FYI: Roon client shows for every track a picture…

Ok Marc,

I’m gonna create a build for you with a little bit more debug info, as from the logs everything seems fairly normal.
Will be gone for a few hours, but will get back to you today.

Thanks Harry. I am running stable on my endpoints and beta on the displays. Notwithstanding a few ROCK reboots, no issues so far. I appreciate the troubleshooting.

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Update is available on the beta channel. So you first need to switch to the beta channel (you can do that from the advanced tab)

I have a problem with my Ropieee screen that it wakes it self up during the night @spockfish

I turn it of in the evening and also turns my nuc with Roon ROCK off and two mornings in a row the panel is lit up and saying no connection to Roon. This started since I upgraded to 160

Can you have a look for me in the settings (advanced tab) what your reboot schedule is?

I will check it later this evening.

It is set to reboot daily at 03.00

Feedback sent: a204d42399edf2eb, several tracks, no pictures…
Actual versions:

Problem still there.


To be clear: you see ‘no pics’, but can I assume that the other info (track, progress etc.) isn’t there either?

Ok thanks. Then I can test this scenario as well.

With the last versions there is no need to reboot the unit, so a simple solution to your problem would be to put the reboot schedule to ‘never’.

I allready did that but thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


You’ve set the controllable zone to ‘ropieee1’, but I don’t see a zone with that name.
So that’s not gonna work. Can you change that to an existing zone?