Stable release 2018/09/23 (171)


Time for a new release. And this one has only one new feature: support for a remote control!

Right now this is limited to the OSMC RF remote control, but we can add other remotes in the future.

So how does this work? If you have an OSMC, put it in the RoPieee unit, go the web page and you’ll find a new tab labelled ‘Remote Control’. Select the OSMC and enter the zone you want to control. Make sure you type it exactly how it is named in Roon. Save it, reboot it and you’re almost there… Go the Roon Settings, Extensions and enable the RoPieee Remote Extension. Now you’re ready to go! You can control previous, next, play and pause. Limited for now, but we can extend that in the future.

A note for those that run a display: the zone for the touchscreen and remote control must be the same, so if you change the zone for the remote control you’re also changing the zone for the touchscreen.

Here’s the changelog for completeness:

2018/09/23 (171)*

  • NEW: support for OSMC Remote Control
  • FIX: network-wait-for-online is taking forever



Looking forward to checking this out in the next day or 2

Thanks as always Harry…you do great work :smiley:

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What a nice occasion to get me a remote or two for my ropieee endpoints! :sunglasses:

the guys at have remotes available… thats where I got mine from…now if my pi will just update…

@spockfish will there ever be a force an update option in the UI?

update… what should I see on the OSMC side of things… no pointer or anything on the display and pressing any buttons doesn’t do anything. it has updated to 171

send a feedback anyway…incase you need it c9a9a1582896c8b9

There already is. Put the update scheme on ‘manual’ and you’ll be noticed in the UI whenever an update is available.

There is nothing to see on the screen. The cursor keys left and right are for previous next and of course the pause/play button should work.

I can’t read the archive. Can you try again?

Ok Harry will try again later my evening…

Installed 171 without any problem but just so I dont get this wrong it is the OSMC remote in the picture below with a USB reciever that works with the Pi3 @spockfish

That’s the one I have

Harry I am experiencing strange behavior since the 171 update. I have a Allo BOSS DAC as a HAT. If I select the HAT in the drop down menu and click on Commit Changes I am presented with a screen to save changes. After I hit save changes the HAT reverts back to no HAT. It did not do this in 170. What happened?

Hi @John_Aiello,

Confirmed. I’ll fix it and push out an update tonight.

That’s indeed the one!

I’ll try to figure out why it isn’t working for you guys.

Good then I ordered the right one :grinning:

I have some issue with 171 all of the sudden I get no connection on my display for few seconds then it returns to normal…this have never happened before and it is random.

Hi @wizardofoz,

I can’t read your feedback, it’s corrupted. Can you try again?

Can you send me feedback?

So your saying that the remote control isn’t working for you either?

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No I dont have any remote yet so that I dont know but my display looses connection randomly but only for a few seconds and then it gets back to normal and works as it should. Never seen this behavier before with any versions before 171

d01a912158347c76 see how this goes

Sent some feedback also @spockfish regarding my dropouts.


I dont use the remote yet but I will get that in the mail tomorrow so then I can check how that works.

nope. weird.
Can you reboot and try again?