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Ow… the last remark is interesting.
So how often does this happen? Once every hour? Once every few minutes?

I would say a couple of minutes between the dropouts. I have run more than half an hour now with the remote disabled and no dropouts.

ok. that can’t be a coincidence.

I still would love to see your logs…

Well lets try it again then.


Nope, all those files are empty. If you’re up to it we can try the following:

  • login with an SSH client (putty.exe on Windows, just ‘ssh’ from the command line on Mac/Linux) with username: root and password: root
  • run the following command:


And show me what you’ll get on the screen.

Ok an update on the remote controller.

Thanks to @Fredrik_Andersson I now have a good log.
The interesting part? While my remote identifies itself as ‘OSMC’, the remote that Fredrik has attached to his system is reporting as ‘HBGIC Technology’.

The software uses this string as identification, hence the stuff isn’t working.

@wizardofoz would be great if I can read your feedback as well. Are you willing to run a few commands? I suspect you have exactly the same problem.

The good news is that now at least I can explain why. Let’s see if we can fix this.

Hey Harry, don’t forget to add this typo to the list. (Still there in v.173.) Thanks.

@spockfish happy to try Harry…is there something you can PM me to try as I might be a bit tied up over the next 24 hrs in your prime time…any ssh stuff no issue as long as I know whats happening. I have the remote in another RPi with no display now…will this still work as a remote?

I still have no buttons doing anything and I also had a dodger contact I had to resolver on the remote battery so I have no way to tell if I have a defective unit, but its wasn’t connecting to the battery before that for sure. it did work in the past with a KODI install tho.

is there a test script I can run that will output something on the screen when buttons get pressed? My unit was from IQAudIO,com website. I might have access to another unit to test from the same supplier as a friend got one too.

send me feedback, that should be enough.

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 00e2a67c7dbefd46

Please leave a mail or a note on the Roon forum with this identifier. Thanks!

you are up early :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @wizardofoz ,

Good news is that I can read the feedback.
However, I don’t see an RF receiver plugged in.

I didn’t. Just didn’t release this part yet :slight_smile:

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hmmm out of about 6 or more RPi’s maybe i poked it into a different one…let me go check :blush:

Ok I think it is the right dongle and it was in the right RPi … So here is the info if I plug into my iMac

Product ID: 0x1037
Vendor ID: 0x2252 (TSANSUN TECH. CO., LTD.)
Version: 1.04
Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec
Manufacturer: HBGIC Technology Co., Ltd.
Location ID: 0x14410000 / 20
Current Available (mA): 1000
Current Required (mA): 100
Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

Now I’ll connect it to a dedicated RPI to test with just let me get it to update

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 3eb472ee90052789

OK so trying to send feedback again with it in the right (same as before) RPi

Well a reburn of my SD card fixed the dropouts and made it possible to send feedback so I hope you can fix the remote problems.

Ok. This looks exactly like the one that @Fredrik_Andersson reported.

YEs now I see them. As I stated, the same device as that of @Fredrik_Andersson.
I’ll figure out a way to handle both and see what happens.

Regards Harry

Yo’ always da man Harry. Love yr work dude.

@wizardofoz and @Fredrik_Andersson:

update is out. can you test the remote?