Stable release 2018/09/28 (176)


It has been rough week wrt the remote extension that is being used by the display and since recently the remote control.

On top of this some of you reported the extension crashing since the latest update to Roon.
So this release is a respond to that, by updating the extension with the latest extension SDK from Roon.
The SDK fixes at least 2 bugs I reported, so that’s a good thing :wink:

This release did not had the usual test time I try to uphold, but hey…

So no functional changes this time.



The new “display” feature has kind of moved the bar a bit. Can ropie become another Roon “display”, showing the same display and lyrics as other display devices?

@mikeb, RoPieee can display content from any Roon endpoint, defined through the web gui. What feature, reasonable on a 7” screen, is RoPieee missing?

Hey Harry thanks for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it. I know you are busy trying to get these bugs sorted out with the addition of the remote extension but I was wondering what your plans are for expanding this feature. I have a Flirc USB receiver and an Apple remote. Do you think I will ever be able to use these products to control Ropiee?

Hi @Tim_Wilson,

Yes certainly. Can you place your USB receiver in the RoPIeee unit and send me feedback (it’s on the advanced tab of RoPieee’s web page)?

Yeah I can do that when I get home later today. I’ve had my RoPieee off for a few days so it is probably not running the latest release. Should I manually update the RoPieee before connecting the Flirc and sending the feedback?

You should either have the release of today or the previous one (171).

Alright I just booted up the RoPieee, saw that I have version 176, and plugged in the Flirc.

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 0075d9a2bc11f2cc

Should I have enabled the remote control feature first?

Too bad. I had the hope that I would have enough information on the device to at least have an idea what needs to happen.

So the only way this is going to work is that I need to get my hands on an actual Flirc device. So if anyone feels like sponsoring one … :wink:

Alright I configured my Flirc to do Kodi keyboard controls using my remote. Then I plugged it into the RoPieee and pressed the buttons multiple times. 0409c45828210bf7 Did this give you any more information?

How would this sponsoring thing work?

Now I’ve got more feedback, thanks for that.
We can give it a try. I’ll change the software and you try what it exactly does.
Give me a few days.

Awesome happy to help.


I pushed out an update to the beta channel. So first you need to switch to that one (you can do that on the advanced page). With that update running you must select the OSMC remote control and see what happens.

No guarantee what so ever, without having the device this is a pure guess. But maybe it’s correct :wink:

Regards Harry

I updated to 178 earlier today and then the dropouts on the display was back :frowning:

I updated to 180 now and will see if they are still there.

I switched over to the Beta channel and manually updated to version 180. Plugged in the Flirc and set up the remote controls. No luck d067b4a0017a21a5 I programmed the Flirc so that play/pause was the spacebar and next/previous track were up/down arrows. I got these keyboard controls from the Kodi wiki.

Hmmm… too bad.

Then this is only going to work if I can get a device physically here.

Is there any way I could send you one?

Hi @Tim_Wilson,

It would be easier to make a donation for the price of the Flirc retail prize over here, so I can order one myself.

Regards Harry

Hi @spockfish
Hopefully you’ve just got a donation from me that will cover the cost of a Flirc V2 from as you’re in The Netherlands, as appreciation of the excellent support you give everyone on these forums as I know this is a hobby project for you :+1:

I might even be tempted to buy myself one when you’ve added support :joy:

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Thanks, highly appreciated!

Be aware that Flirc support works in the beta channel :wink: