Stable release 2018/12/10 (235)

Hi all,

Time for another stable release. This one has a few cool things (at least I think so :wink: ), where remote volume control is one of them (@Bastian_Beggel).

No, not on the screen yet (@wizardofoz), but that’s on the list.

For the rest some long standing requests like disabling LEDs and separate brightness for the clock.

Oh, and a cool one I think. RoPieee has been using service discovery to announce itself on the network for a long time, but with this release I actually found an interesting feature making use of that: if you have more than 1 RoPieee in your house then your units show up in the webpage. This makes it possible to visit another RoPieee very quickly without typing in the address.

You can find the complete changelog on the website



Thanks for the update. Looking forward to volume control.

Thank you!

a little bug I’m sure…had a remote page with just text but a refresh fixed it…but this units tab duplicate is a bug happens when clicking on the Units tab

be nice to sort the units in different orders alphabetical or ideally by IP address (preferred)

I now have one unit after selecting LEDS off that doesn’t display units tab anymore -at least I thought I turned LEDS off … but just checked and its on again so retrying that.

I def turned it off this time but comes back up showing on status… feedback sent and still missing Units tab 55d8d919b1b9cb42 @spockfish

Not displaying UNITS tab 155a2fac1abdb073

Not displaying all my units only 2 of 5, also having the 2 Units tabs showing 0098384ec0da5986


I like this functionality. In addition to the duplicate tab that @wizardofoz pointed out, I also wonder whether “units” might also be “devices”?

Also, “LEDs function” should likely either be “LED’s function” or better just “LED”.

FYI, for me, the config keeps displaying as “On”, but the LED is actually off. And, if I turn the LED back on this works — so the problem is the web GUI only. Thanks @spockfish.

Another little thing on the display screen settings the 12/24 hour slider should probably have the number 24 to the right of the slider :smiley:

Also wish there was a slider/setting for Volume adjustments on a reboot for all connected devices, as the 100% is frightening when you don’t catch it on something like the DigiAMP+ with connected speakers.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I just pushed out an update that addresses a few things:

  • led function in the UI now sticks
  • extra unit tab is now fixed
  • used the feedback on the language (unit -> device).

Wrt the devices tab: this is based on service disccovery. That also means sometimes not all your units will show up. We need to see how this goes. If it’s not reliable enough we might need to remove it again.


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All Devices showing now…loving this for navigation Harry…Top marks!!! :star2:

Now to load up all my other pi’s…he who has the most pi wins hahahaha

I rebooted one of my two Ropieee devices to get the 233 build, but I’m not seeing a Devices tab. Do I have to have more than one Ropieee device on build 233 to see this tab? Thanks.

yes you should.

Im getting 5 devices of 5 devices showing on all ropieee’s in my network…about to add a few more in the mix for fun

False alarm, I thought I had two devices running Ropieee in my network, but there’s currently only the one… Sorry about that.

added a few more devices and getting one bare RPi with no devices tab still but its seen by others

ae4c376adec0912c feedback

The new seperate brightness setting works perfectly! Thank you Harry :+1:


I wish I had a reason for more RoPieees, but here is my screenshot:


My 2 3B+ units both don’t have device tabs nor are they seen by the 3B units.

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yeah what i said earlier. it depends on mDNS, so it is not 100% reliable.
I’ve got a small patch almost ready that improves detection a little bit, but still…