Stable release 2019/04/28 (258)

(Harry ten Berge) #1

Another week, another release :wink:

This release is rather big, although it only introduces one feature: volume control!

So if you have an endpoint that supports volume control a few things happen:

  • you’ll see on the display a volume indicator above the play/pause controls. It’s transparant, but lights up for a sec if you change the volume control from a remote control.
  • if you press that section on the screen you’ll get a popup that gives the possibility to control the volume either with a slider or with a click.
  • the supported remote controls (OSMC and support the volume control as well.

So how does this look like?

And when you hit the volume section:

Hope you enjoy it!


The new logo looks nice. :+1:
I just updated all four RoPieee endpoints in my system. Thanks for adding volume control, much appreciated!

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(Mike) #3

Nice logo, and many thanks for update. Very nice popup volume indication, though I usually use the other skin (circled play button - which Roon doesn’t use anymore either).

(Mr Fix It ) #4

Just updated before going to bed and my bedroom one is stuck in a loop at stage 3 so here is feedback as GUI is operational 12fc36109741561b

Reboot seems to have fixed it so hope the reboot didn’t kill the feedback send.

Image here

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(Wim) #5

Thanks @spockfish for another release and feature update.

Volume control is not working for me as I have volume fixed at 100% and I’m using the volume control of my Aune X7s headphone amp on my desk.

I also like the devices tab. Is this in preparation of a feature for saving and restoring RoPieee configs?

I have 3 wired RoPieee endpoints and 1 wireless RoPieee endpoint. The LAN and WLAN have different IP ranges, managed by ROCK. So the wired RoPieees have the devices tab showing 3 RoPieee endpoints connected by Ethernet. The wireless RoPieee does not show the devices tab.
I suppose it will not be possible for RoPieee to detect other RoPieee endpoints in bridged IP ranges.


(Lloyd Borrett) #6

Mine is doing the same thing.

(Nathan Wilkes) #7

I also experienced this with my displays. Reboots all around tidying everything up.

EDIT: to clarify, I did a second reboot.

(Mr Fix It ) #8

I was assuming the reboots were to initiate the updates as is the norm. All good then I think

@spockfish Harry should we do a 2nd reboot on all installs or is it just the display setups that are going to be hung up?

(Harry ten Berge) #9

well, it was a big release where not only the display software was being updated, but also the underlying components. so yeah, could be that it required an additional reboot.

(Chris) #10


I have

Package Version
ropieee 20190321-1
ropieee-version 243-1
ropieee-web 20190321-1
linux-raspberrypi-dsd 4.14.95-1
mosquitto-ropieee 1.5.5-2
qt5-base-ropieee 5.11.1-3
ropieee-remote 20181206-1

And have rebooted four times now… and I’m not getting the update…


(Harry ten Berge) #11

nope. can you send me feedback?

(Chris) #12


(Tobias Klenk) #13

This release is awesome!
The remote actually works now for me after being useless at the last releases.
And the volume control is gamechanging for attached amps!
great work!

(Chris) #14

Hello Harry,

another reboot, and I was greeted by the new Logo. Perhaps more patience is required…

So, all okay.

Thank you.

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Nice you where able to add volume control, you fulfilled my request, so thank you!