Stable release 2019/04/28 (258)

Another week, another release :wink:

This release is rather big, although it only introduces one feature: volume control!

So if you have an endpoint that supports volume control a few things happen:

  • you’ll see on the display a volume indicator above the play/pause controls. It’s transparant, but lights up for a sec if you change the volume control from a remote control.
  • if you press that section on the screen you’ll get a popup that gives the possibility to control the volume either with a slider or with a click.
  • the supported remote controls (OSMC and support the volume control as well.

So how does this look like?

And when you hit the volume section:

Hope you enjoy it!


The new logo looks nice. :+1:
I just updated all four RoPieee endpoints in my system. Thanks for adding volume control, much appreciated!

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Nice logo, and many thanks for update. Very nice popup volume indication, though I usually use the other skin (circled play button - which Roon doesn’t use anymore either).

Just updated before going to bed and my bedroom one is stuck in a loop at stage 3 so here is feedback as GUI is operational 12fc36109741561b

Reboot seems to have fixed it so hope the reboot didn’t kill the feedback send.

Image here

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Thanks @spockfish for another release and feature update.

Volume control is not working for me as I have volume fixed at 100% and I’m using the volume control of my Aune X7s headphone amp on my desk.

I also like the devices tab. Is this in preparation of a feature for saving and restoring RoPieee configs?

I have 3 wired RoPieee endpoints and 1 wireless RoPieee endpoint. The LAN and WLAN have different IP ranges, managed by ROCK. So the wired RoPieees have the devices tab showing 3 RoPieee endpoints connected by Ethernet. The wireless RoPieee does not show the devices tab.
I suppose it will not be possible for RoPieee to detect other RoPieee endpoints in bridged IP ranges.


Mine is doing the same thing.

I also experienced this with my displays. Reboots all around tidying everything up.

EDIT: to clarify, I did a second reboot.

I was assuming the reboots were to initiate the updates as is the norm. All good then I think

@spockfish Harry should we do a 2nd reboot on all installs or is it just the display setups that are going to be hung up?

well, it was a big release where not only the display software was being updated, but also the underlying components. so yeah, could be that it required an additional reboot.


I have

Package Version
ropieee 20190321-1
ropieee-version 243-1
ropieee-web 20190321-1
linux-raspberrypi-dsd 4.14.95-1
mosquitto-ropieee 1.5.5-2
qt5-base-ropieee 5.11.1-3
ropieee-remote 20181206-1

And have rebooted four times now… and I’m not getting the update…


nope. can you send me feedback?


This release is awesome!
The remote actually works now for me after being useless at the last releases.
And the volume control is gamechanging for attached amps!
great work!

Hello Harry,

another reboot, and I was greeted by the new Logo. Perhaps more patience is required…

So, all okay.

Thank you.

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Nice you where able to add volume control, you fulfilled my request, so thank you!