Stable release 2019/06/14 (290)

(Harry ten Berge) #1


I pushed out another small-ish release: 290.

Mostly about a(nother) fix for WiFi, but what’s rather cool is support for native DSD on the latest Cyrus DAC upgrade boards:

  • FIX: harden WiFi setup
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel to 4.19.49
  • IMPROV: support native DSD on the Cyrus QXR

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

(paolo) #2

thank you once more, Harry :slight_smile:

just… every time RoPieee gets an update, my RoonDisplay (Pi 3b+) connected via internal wi-fi doesn’t rejoin the network unless I manually power cycle it :no_mouth:

hope this helps: e38ecc5380051c13

oh, and… a couple of minutes after power-cycling it reboots (RoPieee already was v290)

(Harry ten Berge) #3

Yeah, that’s a result of the kernel being updated. After an update the system is being re-configured, and because of the new kernel being installed (but not running!) it goes wrong with wifi. A reboot fixes that, but obviously we need something more ‘gentle’ for this.


@spockfish I am noticing a lot of ticks and other audio nasties over USB since this last update. I don’t remember hearing them before. It manifests more on hires material but also hearing them on CD quality. I thought at first it was perhaps my ifi nano iDSD but it’s also noticeable on my DragonFly black. Tried using a powered hub, changed cables makes no difference. Any ideas?

(Harry ten Berge) #5

Even with CD material? Wow. So are you on wired or wireless?


Wireless 5ghz, end point is very close and it gets a strong and steady connection,I can’t get ethernet to it and previously I had a poot experience using wired on the 3+ and usb This never drops connection a just clicks and pops sound like vinyl playback artefacts.

(Christopher) #7

I experience the same thing. Strong 802.11 ac signal to that RoPiee (at least that’s what my Unifi controller shows) and I hear (what appears to be) random clicks and pops like vinyl artefacts coming out of my Fiio Q5 plugged via USB to a Rpi3B+, on anything from 16bit/44.1 to DSD128 (which reminds me I need to look into how to get native DSD on the Fiio)

I had installed RoPieee initially back in early May and it was build 258. I recently (last Monday) rebooted and got bumped to build 290 and started noticing the clicks. (When the 3B+ is on ethernet I can push the same material and there are no clicks/pops that I could detect.)

I have not noticed any problems with my other RoPieee (Rpi3B) on ethernet hooked to an aging Apogee Duet USB.

(Harry ten Berge) #8

So… are you suggesting this only happens on WiFi?


Not sure if it’s purely wireless, I have no other option to use wireless where this system is setup. But I never noticed it before you updated the kernel. I could not get the previous to 290 to work at all if you remember due to the location of WiFi issue.

(Nathan Wilkes) #10

Harry @spockfish, I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but if the alarm clock is enabled, the devices tab doesn’t show up. Not a big deal of course.

(Nathan Wilkes) #11

After a reboot (because the alarm clock stopped running), the devices tab showed up. This is a new build for me, so maybe something was in an intermediate state in this case. At one point the XL option showed up in the GUI, but now is hidden.

(Jerry Chen) #12

Dear @spockfish, May I trouble you to develop NativeDSD support for VANTAM Classic Master Limited ( 1)? It’s capable of DSD256 and I have just send feedback with unique identifier 64558269706bf23e. Thank you so much for looking into this!

(Michael Dahlstrom) #13

Both my Pi’s show as updated in version but continue to prompt for updating. Any recommendations?

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(Osamu SHIOTANI) #14

Same here.

(Harry ten Berge) #15

So… you’ve put update schedule on ‘manual’ and now the webinterface is showing ‘there’s an update available’?

(Paul Hermans) #16

Same over here, also.

Always indicating there is a new update available.


I’ve noticed the same with a few RoPieee Touchscreens

(Harry ten Berge) #18

Ok, can someone who’s having this issue send me feedback? Curious on the ‘why’ :wink:

This whole update detection mechanism (and updating from the webinterface) has been rewritten to be more robust, but still interested.

(Michael Dahlstrom) #19

@spockfish, this is SO not really that important. I love the product so much. It was just a curiosity, to be frank.


(Osamu SHIOTANI) #20

5a444fd3af4f0c87 just after the reboot in this morning. Thanks.