Stable release 2019/09/10 (359)

Love to see the devices sortable by Ip or name too :slight_smile: thought that was done?

no sorry mate. it will happen. eventually :wink:

Hello Harry, what do I have to do, to play spotify? I updated and I am running on XL at the moment. But neither I can see the Raspberry in Spotify nor can I play via DLNA from bubble or jriver. Maybe I do something wrong?

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One suggestion for this release (and RopieeeXL in general) - can you add an option to disable Spotify, Airplay and DLNA?

I imagine there are plenty of people like me who want to use one or two of these features but not the others. I’d like to be able to turn Spotify and DLNA off.


Thank you very much for this addition. It’s working well for me here.

Harry, I updated the beginner’s guide, and included a chart for RoPieee vs RoPieeeXL. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

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Fantastic effort @Nathan_Wilkes … My only comment is that while you noted the RPi 4 in the document all images pertain to the 2/3 physically and perhaps a note to that effect is appropriate :wink: - and its a very minor oversight at that.

Are you going to add perhaps an XL addendum?

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I included a chart of the differences, but do you think additional XL material would be helpful? If so, what are some of the key points?

Well maybe at least the bit about if you have multiple outputs available to set the HAT or USB options accordingly. Maybe wait for @spockfish to have a setting for disable if thats going to be an option for turning off one or more of the 3 supported methods.

I think it’s probably just a one pager to cover all that. Just worth a mention as its noted as a feature for XL.

Must repeat - Great document :smiley:

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It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

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@wizardofoz, this is no longer a true observation.

With this version I have random reboots. I’m using the software since previous version with a raspberry pi 3 and a screen without any issues. Has anyone this problem too?

The system even reboots when I am not doing something with the system.

Can you send feedback?

What information do you need?

Go to the Advanced tab in the web GUI and submit feedback. Post the identifier here.

Done, the identifier is 4da8b2afc0fa0974.

So from the logs everyhting seems normal.
All reboots from today are triggered from the webpage.

Can you write down a time when it happens again?

Hello !
Sorry for my newbie question : I have a Metrum Acoustics Ambre digital bridge, I’ve never changed anything on the original roon ready SD card which is inside. What I’ve understood is that they have their own RoPieee dedicated version.
What should I do to try to use RoPieeeXL ? I just need to install it on another SD Card (and keep as a back up the original Metrum SD card) ? If so, could someone give me a link to download (I’m on Mac OS). Will it add to my Ambre Spotify (could be useful for my family members), and Airplay options ? For now I use only my Qobuz account, no wifi or airplay because my Sonictransporter server is on the same switch as the Ambre, everything is linked by RJ45.

Sorry for my late response.

It’s true I restarted the system myself, but there were some restarts whithout any action on my side. Since then there were no restarts. I do not know what triggered the reboots, but everyting is working fine for days now.

Thanks for checking and taking my reaction seriously.

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That depends. The hardware has to be identical. If not then assuming it does load some parts may not work. And of course you might be voiding any guarantees.