Stable release 2019/09/22 (366)


A little bit earlier then anticipated I’ve released an update. Fairly modest release, but it fixes an annoying bug that prevented (in some rare cases) proper installation of the touchscreen.

Furthermore this release makes it possible to disable streaming protocols in RoPieeeXL.

Oh. And the web ui notifications on updates etc. are now dynamic, which means they don’t need a reload to be refreshed.

Oh 2. On special request from @wizardofoz… you can sort your devices now :wink:

As usual, here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for the Orchard Audio PecanPi DAC
  • IMPROV: devices table is sortable
  • IMPROV: web ui notifications are dynamic
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] option to disable additional streaming services
  • FIX: [RoPieeeXL] fix noise on some HAT’s when doing DLNA
  • FIX: on some devices initial installation of touchscreen fails



Thanks Harry; I appreciate this.

BTW, I think the reboot message is missing some CSS padding at the top. (I’d use a smaller font size, but maybe that is just how it renders on an iPad.)

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Hi @John_Aiello,

Small remark from my side here.

@Nathan_Wilkes is one of the early adopters of RoPieee and has spend serious time in testing and improving the product. His documentation is outstanding and the effort he put into this is highly appreciated.

That also means that I know for 100% sure that his comment is with that intend: helping out identifying stuff that can be improved upon.

So I don’t think that Nathan deserved this rather harsh comment.

Let’s all hug and kiss now :slight_smile:

Thanks, Harry


Fair enough.

Thank you spockfish!
I had all of the touchscreen installation issues last week. Even though I finally had a working RoPieee, I decided to give your latest-and-greatest a tryout.
I’m happy to say it installed and configured perfectly! No issues at all. :+1:

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Also the Button for restart is not visible ob my iPhone X/Pro. Thanks in advance!