Stable release 2019/10/12 (373)


New month, new release. Fairly modest, just stuff all over the place.
Here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for the Allo Usbridge Signature
  • NEW: support for USB WiFi dongles based on the Ralink RT5370 chipset
  • IMPROV: support native DSD on the NuPrime uDSD
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] option to set initial volume for Spotify
  • IMPROV: better column layout in web ui
  • IMPROV: improved layout of the notifications
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel to 4.19.76

For more info visit the website:



Very Good! Thanks so much!

Native DSD plackback on the NuPrime uDSD works beautifully :blush:

Thanks :pray:

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Fantastic - thank you!

Hi Harry,
my Digione Signature will not update. After rebooting it is still on XL 366 and shows „Your device requires a reboot for the latest changes to take effect“ again.
I have send you a feedback # 81a6232906642b28

Any idea?

Same… two out of three RoPieee’s updated just fine.

Feedback 5de22559673a2cce for the one that failed.

Hi @dvb-projekt,

Unfortunately there’s a file corrupted on your system, resulting the update to be rolled-back.
It still triggers the “requires a reboot” message though, hence the confusion.

Best solution would be to reflash, although the corruption is pretty harmless…


hmmm… @Wakajazz you have exactly the same as @dvb-projekt. That’s too much of a coincedence :wink:

For now reflashing is the only option (sorry guys), but I need to look into this why this happens on different systems in exactly the same file :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just found your app and it’s amazing! First of all it’s very stable and works flawlessly! I use it as DLNA renderer with foobar2000 - perfect! And as Roon Bridge too.

I have a question. What the difference in playback quality between Renderer and Roon Bridge? Does it use the same settings, buffers etc?


You can find nice discussions about DLNA vs RAAT on the forum :wink:

Anyways, from a technical perspective you can’t compare them. So no, they certainly don’t use the same settings as they work completely different.

(and my personal opinion: RAAT is vastly superior to DLNA)

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Ok, thank you!) And another question about alsa settings - can i change it or it’s not
supposed to be changed. I see (in asound directory) that it’s automatically changed (for DLNA) for different sample rates, do i understand correclty? And another question - if i want to change for example Allo Boss DAC driver settings (digital filters etc) how can i do it, i guess through amixer only? Because i didn’t find such options. Thank You.

Hi @Sergey_Fomin,

You might have the wrong solution with RoPieee. RoPieee’s intention is not to be your usual distro which you can fine tune yourself: for that there are other solutions that might be a better fit.

RoPieee is intentend to act like an applicance: plug and play, with a minimum set of configuration options to cover 90% of the use cases.


No no no, i understand your philosophy, but i thought at least DRIVER settings must be configurable! Because it doesn’t relate to your appliance but mostly to DAC. It is possible through alsamixer (not installed) or amixer (installed). So i guess it can be done through amixer?