Stable release 3.015 (2020/12/12)


Another weekend, another release.
This one followed quickly after the one from previous week, but that one was huge which resulted in some regressions that I wanted to fix asap.

The most important stuff is fixing the regressions that came from the rewrite of the WiFi configuration. Furthermore USB firmware update for the Pi4 and a few features for the display.

Here’s the changelog:

3.015 (2020/12/12)

  • NEW: [screen] possibility to hide options buttons
  • NEW: [screen] possibility to hide blurred background image
  • IMPROV: firmware update for Pi 4 USB chip (000138a1)
  • IMPROV: [screen] improve error handling when fetching cover art
  • IMPROV: disable Alsa DAPM which causes clicks on certain SPDIF HAT’s
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update Librespot
  • FIX: certain Realtek wifi drivers clashed
  • FIX: make sure previous wireless interface definitions are gone
  • FIX: fetching the region code, necessary for wireless regulations, is failing
  • FIX: prevent double device entries



@spockfish, many thanks Harry, all downloaded and working fine here :grinning:

@spockfish - Thanks Harry. Updated just fine w/ no issues. I really appreciate your continued efforts for all the Ropieee users!

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I updated to the new version and can confirm this is fixed (at least for my setup):

Thanks a lot, Harry :+1:

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Thank you, update was successful. All is well.

Software and firmware updated here with no issues, everything’s working great. Thanks!

I’m sure things will go back to normal the minute I hit send, but I haven’t been able to connect to one of my Pi’s since updating to 3.004 a few days ago.

Activity LED flashing normally. Ethernet showing connected on my hub once it boots. (Not using wi-fi.)

Other one updated just fine. But this one isn’t showing up in device list (when using other one’s IP), and can’t connect via its IP directly.

So with RoPieee 3., my RPi4 will not boot with my USB DAC connected. I have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to get it to start booting. This happens with both a cold boot and a reboot. This did not happen before. So I don’t know if there is something in the new kernel getting hung up very early. But it is 100% reproducable for me.

Sent feedback with ID: 431c679bd4b9447d

how does one send feedback (and an ID number) if the unit can’t boot?

I reflashed the micro SD and I’m back in business with the newest release.

Not sure what the deal was, but no need to call the authorities. :crazy_face:

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Thank you!

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I cannot reproduce this…
When you boot the unit, what are the LEDs doing?

Could this be a power issue?

After the update I can’t see my HiFiBerry DAC 2 HD in Roon. I can see the raspberry pi shairport from Roon but not the DAC 2 HD hat. Any suggestions?

Still not visible after etching a new SIM with lates RopieeeXL.

Never mind. Just came back and showing in Roon. Weird.

Is there an alternative download site? Looks like the compressed version of Ropieee XL will take over 4 hours to download.

First - Thank you @spockfish for Ropieee - its a fantastic little Rpi distro.

I had a problem with my SD card so I installed Ropieee on a new 8Gb card.
I had it setup and played on it last evening but today when I turn it on it doesn’t show up in Roon - and then again it show 30 minutes after it has been turned on. All my other zones appear in Roon.

While waiting on Roon to discover the Ropieee i can connect to the webserver on the Ropieee - but i doesn’t appear in the Roon client.
Earlier versions appeared after only 1 minute or two.

Is there a configuration parameter (Ropieee ping or Roon discover) I can set that gets Roon to discover the Ropieee faster?

I am using the nonXL Ropieee version on my Rpi 2 with Hifiberry Dac+XLR version with a Rpi display. It is connected via wired network. My roon server is on a Ubuntu 18.04.


There is no parameter for discovery, as Roon takes care of that completely autonomously.
There is an important thing to realize: Roon discovery is not only a network thingie: if there is no audio output the device will not show up.

Can you send me feedback? The option can be found on the ‘advanced’ tab of RoPieee’s webpage. Ideally in the situation where the unit is not visible in Roon.


Sorry misunderstod your message.
Feedback send

Uhhh no. Sorry. You need to hit the ‘Send Feedback’ button and give me the unique id that will be shown.