Stable release 3.113 (2021/05/17)


I’ve just released a small maintenance release that fixes a very annoying bug where some USB DAC’s go ‘dark’ whenever you power them down and up: they just simply are not showing up in Roon again until you power cycle the Pi.

After some bug hunting I found the issue (with help from various forum members) and the issue is annoying enough to warrant a quick release.

Here’s the short changelog:

  • FIX: after powering down and powering up an USB DAC it sometimes requires a reboot from RoPieee before it shows up again in Roon
  • FIX: [RoPieeXL] Librespot: in some situations volume normalisation does not work
  • FIX: [RoPieeXL] improve visibility with DLNA

As always… enjoy!


Two RPi4’s updated. Thanks Harry.

Thanks for that and for your earlier help and assitance.

Out of interest, I’m now running 3.112 due to the beta downloads earlier. I’m not picking up the 3.113 update. I’m assuming that’s because 3.112 beta and 3.113 stable are the same thing. Is that correct?

Yes. Next release you will be fine.

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I had trouble finding dlna. I thought that was solved with this release, because It was working fine for an hour or so. (Listening to the new Audirvana which uses the dlna connection. Then suddenly, in the middle of a song it quit. Dlna nowhere to be found.
But, what is worse is that my DAC has disappeared as well. (Connected by usb to the pi). So no music at all. I installed the latest update. HELP!

All good here. Thanks Harry.

@spockfish Out of curiosity, what was the root cause for the USB DAC problem?

PS. I left a little token of my appreciation in your tip jar. Thanks for getting to the bottom of the problem so fast!

I’ve been fine tuning scheduler/latency stuff. Made some changes in this area regarding roonbridge and that caused issues for some (I’ve got 3 DAC’s lying around and none had these issues).

Can you send me feedback after this happens again? I can then have a look at the logs.



I saw this a little late. After my last post I restarted the pi and the dlna appeared again. It played music for about two hours, then it quit in the middle of a song. This time restarting the pi didn’t make it come back again…
I saw that the temperature of the pi had risen to somewhere around 75C. I wonder if that might have something to do with it.
So, it stopped around 10 I think. Since it didn’t reappear I unfortunately cannot give any further feedback.

With feedback I mean logfiles. You can find those on the ‘advanced’ tab.
Those I’m interested in.


Just sent them
Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier d8bb4622a4188e1f

Hmmm… there’s very little to see.
Have you rebooted your unit? I would like to see the logs after UPnP stops playing, but without rebooting the unit.


Hm, yeah I rebooted every time the dlna stopped. Because Audirvana needed checking files the last time, I left it without restarting. And without DLNA. After it finished and I restarted the program DLNA reappeared. So far so good. If it happens again I’ll send you new files. Thanks so far.

Hi Harry,

Can’t find 3.113 update after a few reboot, and website still only provideing 3.107 image, how can I update to 3.113 or 3.113 been take down for even newer update?


My Allo boss2 ropieee box updated to 3.113 last night and now is not playing anything from the boss 2 DAC. Roon and Spotify both won’t play tracks, even though my screen shows the track info (sample rate/depth).

The disappearing dac was pretty annoying. Very happy to find out you’re on top of it, as usual.

After having drop-outs with version 3.084 and 3.087 (temporary fixable by booting) I manged to go back to version 3.066.

RoPieee was running without drop-outs for 40 days:

Yesterday I updated my RoPieee to version 3.113 and the drop-outs are back :disappointed:

I changed nothing in my network setup.

I will go back to working version 3.066 (I kept an image file of this version).

@spockfish Let me know, if I can help you with my feedback code or anything else.

Feedback after it happens, without rebooting, would be helpful.

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Hi Harry,
Here’s the new feedback after it stopped this morning. It played for 1,5 hours or so then quit.
Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 280dd546bcd56d5b
I hope you’ll be able to find out what’s the cause.