Stable release 3.113 (2021/05/17)

Oh, the pi disappeared from roon as well

I wonder if this isn’t temperature related. Everytime after an hour and a half (more or less) continuous playing the same thing happens. No more dlna and the pi disappears from roon. If I check in the ropieee software the temperature is around 75C.
I changed the case today from the original to one with passive cooling. See if that makes any difference.
It started after I began using dlna frequently. Before, when strictly using it for roon I never had this problems.

@spockfish Hello Harry, since last stable release 3.113 and with the last beta 3.120 too I’m experiencing some dropouts while playing.
I’m on RoPieee XL using UPNP/DLNA.
This issue was not there with the previous stable release and a a friend of mine is experiencing it too.
Any idea?
I sent logs with identifier 635aa89bb65d9c8e , committed as soon as the issue happened
Thank you

@spockfish After some days without any drop-outs, they are back now:
Feedback-ID: 9e627d6918157f4c
Thanks for looking

There’s some error being reported by RAAT (Roon). I see that you have USB auto suspend enabled. Have you tried it with auto suspend disabled?


These logs are directly from after a reboot so they don’t say much.
Furthermore it helps when figuring out what’s happening if you disable all other XL services.


Harry, thanks for reviewing my logs.
I will test with auto suspend disabled and will report the result here.
My DAC is a Topping D50s.

Id 5a287a1f3b653d7d sent.
I reverted to stable 3.113 …. There are two dropouts, one at the very beginning and the second after 7 minutes more or less, all other services are disabled
Thank you

Hmmm… the log level of the UPnP client is too low.
I’ll release an update to the beta channel shortly to be a little bit more verbose.

I’ll ping you when that’s available.


ping @Stefano_Antonelli

Beta update is out. Can you try that one?

Id 47cf66371314d488
Now on beta 3.122
All other services disabled except UPNP, one dropout after 11 minutes more or less

I’ve pushed out another update. Can you test that one?

Id 36a4adcb8737d176
Now on beta 3.123 … still a dropout after 5 minutes …
Thank you

Built in wireless appears to have stopped working after an automatic update.

Currently running 3.113 on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

New update out there. Could you try?


Id c08e990f41ba79fd
On beta 3.124 now
Thank you Harry, it works fine with just UPNP enabled but with other services enabled (UPNP, Shairport, Squeezelite) there are still dropouts … after 2’ 30” and 6’ 00” (more or less)
With other versions (up to stable 3.094) there were not dropouts even with other services enabled

3.124 beta resolved my wifi problem.

Hi Harry, how can I update to newer beta? My Ropieee still stay at 3.107 and DAC disappeared once PEE51 inserted into Ropieee persisted for a week still got no solution, Thank You.

Select your update channel to be beta:

Disabling auto suspend has fixed my issue with drop-outs.
Thank you, Harry. :heavy_heart_exclamation: