Stable release 386 (2019/12/14)

Not sure that is what I observe: even if the unit has been power cycled, it appears that the last ROON volume determines the max for Spotify. Should this not be the case?

Yes. Sorry to mention that: the last volume is also stored. So even after a reboot/power cycle it uses the last known volume.

Interesting thing is I have to disconnect the USB to my DAC input when the RPi4 reboot, otherwise the boot up is hang. It seems the boot up process looking at the USB input for something. Once I disconnected the USB from the DAC, things are normal for both LAN or Wifi connections.

BTW, the USB device of the DAC is an Amanero chipset.

Can you send me feedback? Because this sounds very strange. Never heard of this before.

identifier 17dcbf7f5c8aba45

This is after boot up and working properly.

It seems this happened on the 396 only.
Something may related to the new USB FW.

These logs look fairly normal.

So with the DAC connected it won’t continue booting?

Yes, I disconnected the USB DAC and it boots.

with the dAC connected… is it ever booting up? or is is simply not going further?
And what happens if it hangs and you disconnect the DAC?

Because if it then continues then the logs are of interest.

With USB DAC connected, the RPI4 just wait indefinitely.
Unplug the USB with power on, the RPI4 continues to boot.


But when it waits indefinitely AND you unplug the USB, does it then continue?

Yes, it does.

that’s the feedback I want, so without the reboot.