Stable release 414 (2020/01/26)

New year, new release!

This is a release with stuff all over the place. If there’s a ‘theme’ here it is probably WiFi: next to some refinements of the UI (you can now easily see if you’re using the internal adapter or an external one), I’ve added a new driver for one of the most popular WiFi chipsets being used today in dongles. Furthermore the detection and configuration of WiFi has also improved.

Oh. And maybe some folks appreciate the support for Squeezelite in XL. As a ‘before-Roon-I-used-to-be-a-squeezebox-junky’ kinda guy this seems reasonable.

As always you can find the complete changelog here:



Harry… just a very minor (and really meaningless) glitch in 4.1.3: at the end of a playback session (eg when an album ends) my RoonDisplay (connected via wi-fi) displays briefly a “Connection Error” alert
then the album cover comes back in a few seconds

didn’t happen in previous versions :wink:

Hi Harry, with this release I lost 5G wifi. Doesn’t seem to like channel 100?

on-board wifi or with a dongle?

On-board Wi-Fi. Thanks.

That’s weird. Nothing changed on that front.
Only thing could be that there’s a regulatory issue. Can you send me feedback so I can have a look?

Best feature of the new releases is the spinning record while RoPieee is updating :+1:


They could be. I might have to turn of the auto select function on my router. Thanks for checking.



I was actually wondering if we would have got questions over here from some ‘young guys’:

“he, anyone an idea what that spinning thingie is?”


So no spinning record and I’m too old :upside_down_face:

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Hi Harry, it’s all good.My router is on auto-detect, and now it is not on channel 100 anymore and so it’s all good. Thanks again.

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Just updated to version 414, everything seems to work OK, but I keep seeing the “connection problem” screen flash up during playback. No interruption to the music stream. I have a Raspberry 3+, built-in wifi, official 7" touch screen.

Hi Mike,

Can you send me feedback after a listening session in which such an event occured?


Hi @spockfish

Since updating to 414 I have lost 5 ghz as well.

I can add an additional 2.4 ghz SSID but how can I change Ropieee wi-fi settings now I cannot connect??

The ethernet port is still active, so you can attach a cable.

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OK, yes no other option, thanks.

Can we have 5 ghz back?


thanks :slight_smile:

Working now it’s on the 2.4 ghz range. But Airplay is not recognising Ropieee. Any ideas?

Hi @spockfish

Since upgrading to 414 I cannot get my Mac to see RopieeeXL as an Airplay Audio device.

I have sent you the logs.


Hope you can help.

Thank you.

On my setup it appears that Roon is seeing RopieeeXL as an Airplay Device but not as Roon Bridge. And MAC OSX Catalina is not seeing RopieeeXL at all.