Stack Audio LINK now uses Ropieee

@spockfish - congrats


Yeah, looked at the user manual and the interface was very familiar.

This unit could very possibly be a future streamer for me.
Hope @spockfish was well rewarded for use of his software.

BTW, anyone know the board in this? Is it the same one as the Pro-ject Stream box X2 ultra? Seemingly same designer and very similar setup/feature set.

Did you find anything in the manual that referenced CD ripping?

I couldn’t.

Also, in the old (or new) unit was the OS on a card or in firmware?

Nice. This is on my radar for my next upgrade to the front end for my RME dac. Next year though got to pay off the new speakers first.

The original, and the Pro-ject, both use the CM3 industrual RPi (basically the processor, all I/O is down to the designer).

Just bought one of these (Link II). Boots right into the SA branded Ropieee interface and is recognized by Roon.
It works and sounds fine. I bought it mostly for the form factor.looks/weight - more like a real component than the Raspberry Pi4 it replaced. I like having the “USB detox” input of a type that’s actually been measured to improve the output of some DACs.
With that milled case it’s surprisingly heavy for a modestly sized object (about 2x the size of a Pi in a case).
Does it sound better than a straight Pi? Don’t know. It sounds really good to me and so did the Pi4 it replaced.
I’ve had about 6 different streamers ranging in price from $50-$2500 in my system. I don’t notice big differences in SQ. If differences are there, they aren’t “big”. Maybe in some strict comparison protocol I’d notice a difference. But that doesn’t interest me. If that’s what I have to do to hear the difference, then to me it is in practical terms nonexistent.

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since the 1.8 build 814 update of Roon bridge,
the Link does not appear anymore in the About page of Roon