Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd

I noticed that my copy of Jazz Samba has “Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd” as a single album artist.

Roon’s usually pretty good at deconcatenating these sorts of issues, and wondered what was different about this album. I appreciate that I can edit them separately, and will do so.

My tags are correct on this one so it’s not coming from me. Also track 4 is composed by “Baden Powell” and “Roberto Baden-Powell / Billy Blanco”.

Many thanks.

Hi @dpstjp. You’ve hit on a very rare* case of a longstanding bug which is already fixed in our code that will be released soon.

The short of it is that – in a small fraction of its database – Rovi fails to link releases correctly to its own album artist IDs and all that we have on certain releases are ID-less performer strings like “Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd” (which we treat as a single album artist). Our bug is that, in this situation, we’re not always propagating the album artist IDs from the album (group of releases) on to the release.

So if you can hang on, this will fix itself in due course.

Many thanks for the report; it’s great to have examples like this which we can use to verify that the new code is working correctly.

* I think it’s the only one of this specific type that I’ve seen!