Standalone App for Tidal Use Only?

I haven’t yet jumped into the Roon world, but I’m interested. I do the majority of my listening at the office through Tidal - and I hate the Tidal interface. Is there any consideration of offering a lower priced Tidal integration app only version of Roon?

What would be different that would warrant a lower price?

Since I don’t have the software, I’m not sure I can give the best answer - but from reading around the website, my thoughts are:

  • There would be no server/client function, just a single standalone app
  • No need to detect/playback multiple file types, just focus on what Tidal streams
  • No need to edit/modify/monitor meta data, it’s well defined what tags are provided by Tidal
  • No need for multiple user accounts with different playlists (the adult/children example)

Hi Loren,

I can’t recall any announced plans to do a Tidal only version. I think it’s unlikely because it is a departure from Roon’s core function, which is all about the metadata. My own guess is that it is more likely that future development will see Roon expand it’s functions by offering integration with more services rather than offer versions with reduced functionality.

I know it sounds odd but developing reduced functionality versions can require equivalent software development resources as offering new functions, everything still has to go through a QA process and be checked that it hasn’t affected anything else in unpredictable ways. It’s hard to sustain a business model that requires such resources but is available at a reduced price.