Standalone Roon server/controller?

I’m very happy with my home Roon setup. But at work I have a stand-alone RPi+502DAC+7in touchscreen+RuneAudio S/PDIF source for my Soekris dac1541. I mirror my music folders from the NAS where they live at home to a SSD that I plug into one of the Pi’s USB ports. Sound-wise this is a pretty nice setup for work, but I can’t stand the flaky RuneAudio interface, which is totally inadequate for working with over 16k tracks in 1300 albums (including some big boxsets). Any ideas for something that could run Roon in a similar configuration? For work security reasons, it should be standalone, with an integrated control screen. My ideal solution would be a NUC-based box with a builtin SSD for the Roon database, with an integrated touchscreen with a good quality S/PDIF output, and an USB port for the external music SSD.

Roon needs to get on the network e Rey now and then, you can bring it home and connect it, and load some new music, and run disconnected in the office.

Thanks, but laptops are mediocre at best as digital sources. Don’t want to get again on the USB DDC treadmill…

Find a compact touch screen monitor with VESA mount options and run your core on a suitable VESA equipped box.