Star-Ratings for tracks

I am not just talking about bringing track tags back so that people can continue to use the “5-Stars”, “4-Stars” track tag workaround. While I would love to have that back I would even more like it if Roon actually had individual track star-ratings. it would be even better if Roon could read the star ratings that are already available in our files and apply them to the same tracks in Roon. Being able to change these star ratings in Roon and have them reflected into the file would just be the Bee’s Knees! If for some reason you cannot do any of this, the second best options would be for the “favorite” or “banned” hearts to be read from our files and applied in Roon. Making this 2-way would also be the better option. I am still baffled by why this 5-year old request continues to not be addressed, but. I am hoping that it can be now since track tags have to now be addressed. Thanks


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