Start and stop time in metadata?

I sometimes find I want to set my own start and stop times for tracks. For example, when a live track has a long preamble and I want to get straight to the music part whenever it is played. iTunes has this in its metadata. Will Roon have it?

Interesting request. IIRC the last track on Robbie Williams’ “Life Through A Lens” has 20-odd minutes of silence after the song, followed by a poem about a teacher who didn’t believe in him. Interesting stuff, but not great for playlists or Roon Radio!

Interesting idea. I don’t have too many tracks like this but they jump out when you hit one in a playlist.

IIRC there are some dBpa plugins that can detect and remove those pesky silences at the end of albums. I haven’t tested but maybe a flac to flac batch convert could be used to remove them.

That doesn’t help the live gig pre-amble though. On albums like Jackson Browne Solo acoustic the chitchat is a separate track throughout the album. These could be banned I guess.

Failing that, the live preamble chat will show on the track visualisation as a quiet area. you could just jump to that in the bar.

I guess the same is true for the dialogue tracks on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

I love the dialog on that soundtrack. And if any of you…


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Royale with cheese… :slight_smile:

Do what @danny? Ezekiel 25:17…?

I’m with @mike … That’s the only album I’ve ever liked the dialogue tracks from. Are they even separate tracks though? I thought they were prefixed to the songs… I rarely listen to just songs on that album.

A few years back, I tried to get Apple to monogram my new iPad to match Jules’ wallet :flushed:

They refused.


Apart from the occasional sacrilege, I think it is a really nice request. There are several live performances that if you listen to them more often could use some chatter dampening (i.e. Adele live).

But, for it to be user friendly it would mean either a start\stop button, or, even better, the ability to enable a duration bar that would allow you to drag the shortening start\finish points, to make it easy to add.

Reviving this suggestion because I think it would be a significant benefit. iTunes has had a feature for years that allows you to set the start and stop time of a track. This allows you to edit the track which is particularly beneficial with live music. If there is two minutes of audience applause at the end of the track I can set the time to end at the end of the song. Another example would be to cut out Bruce Springsteen’s five minute speech at the beginning of the “The River” so that I don’t need to listen to it every time I want to hear the track. It also makes it easier to include live tracks like this in playlists.


+1 for this suggestion. In my oppinion of the strongest features of iTunes.

+1 JRiver MC also has this feature

+1 Also used this on iTunes previously. If Roon adds this feature I have a list of songs waiting for it. :pray:

Unearthing a 5 year old feature request that hardly anyone cares about looking at the replies ???

I agree that Roon should be kept simple in terms of user interface…but tracks like “You’re Not Alone (Acapella)” by Olive is a hidden track and starts 5 minutes into the track. Purist will argue the artist that the wanted this track to keep the 5 minutes of silence. Its a great track - but to have to move the play slider to 5m00s each time you listen to it is a little inconvenient to say the least!

What do you think?

+1 for this suggestion

+1 for the feature request

+1 for this feature request - many songs in my library have periods of silence, talking, etc.

joel moved the thread to Feature Requests. I don’t think that category existed in 2015. In any event, I think the idea now is that we vote for this using the voting button at the top of the thread. I just did.

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