Start background audio analysis

How can I start background audio analysis after a reboot?

I installed roon on a new machine and shut it down because I wasn’t home for some days. How can force the background audio analysis?

Go into settings, audio then set background audio analysis to off, then set it to the required setting.

Hi, just make sure it’s enabled In Roon’s Settings Library … you can choose how much or how little of the computers resources it can utilise.

It is enabled. I also turned it off and back on.

Maybe I am not supposed to turn off the computer and have to do a new installation?

Assuming there was insufficient time for it to complete… I think we need @support to take a look for you.

Thanks so far.

Yes I guess there was insufficient time to complete. I think I shut down the machine, when it scanned like half of the songs on my NAS.

After booting up again it scanned the rest of the files and did also an audio analysis on them.

If would be cool if I could somehow force a check if all of the audio analysis is done and if not complete it.

I have an other question regarding audio analysis. Is it included in the backups? It isn’t mentioned explicitly in the KB article about backup, but I guess it should be included?

It is. You will not have to run analysis again if/when you restore your database from backup.

It’s automatic, if enabled in setting and there are outstanding files Roon will process them.
Thus no need to have a force check option.

After I added some new music it did all the remaining analysis. So now I am fine.

Thank you

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