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Hi All,

Apoligies for the poor topic. I am a brand new Roon user and loving it. I am 4 days into my trail and almost certinaly going to subscribe. One quick question… and I did search Google and Roon forum just now. Is there a way to remove the ‘Start Experiencing Roon’ section above the rest of the home page layout?

I don’t see the “Start Experiencing Roon” section. It may only be displayed in the trial version. Or it may appear if you have not defined a folder for local storage. Did you define a folder for local storage?

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Yes I have defined a folder with music in it and the header still remains above the rest of the content. Maybe it is due to the trial?

You are correct. It should only appear when you do not have any streaming services enabled and no local library.

@Tim_Chernoff Are you able to play your local library?

Are you using the same computer for core and control?

Yes I have defined a local library and it is shown above the Start Experiencing Roon section. I also have media services defined. Radio stations and Tidal.

Yes Roon Core and Controller are on the same PC. I have a Roon controller running on my Fire HD 10 and it also shos the Start Experiencing Roon section.

@support can you help here.


I am not sure I understand this? Are you saying you have two different Roon applications running on the same machine?

Just a fellow Roon user here but have moved your thread to the support section where it will get the traction you need.

The “full blown” Roon software installed on a PC will give you everything you need to run Roon core, act as a control device, and act as a Roon end-point. You don’t need to install anything else.

No, just the Roon Core. I have the Roon Controller running on the phone and tablet.

Hi @Tim_Chernoff ,

Do you have any content added at all? If you scroll up (the top part where your screenshot is cut off), what does it say? If you navigate to Roon Settings → Storage, does it say that any tracks are imported?

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