Start in full screen mode

For windows users, please add a feature to allow for a startup switch (roon -fullscreen) to start roon in full screen mode. Ideal for use when roon is a startup item on a dedicated system.

I’m sure you’ve heard this request before and I’m really surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

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If you close Roon from the Full Screen state, it will still be in Full Screen when it restarts.

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Where’s the close button when you’re in full screen? :confused:

Alt and f4 in windows.
Command W on Mac.

Ah, that’s what you meant… I myself always have my laptop’s keyboard closed when using Roon since my cat always wants to walk up on it :sweat_smile:

You can see when you hit F11.

F11 is also on the keyboard. I don’t think you understand what I meant…

Anyways, I always click on the “Enter full screen” / “Exit full screen” button.