Start Radio From Playing Track

Hi all - I’ve dug around a little bit in the forum, but I’m not quite sure how to look for the answer to this question, so I’m asking here. The most common way I use Roon is to shuffle my library. A song plays, and I’m thinking I’d like to hear more of my library related to that song. So, is there a way to activate Roon’s Radio from a track I’m listening to, while still preserving my queue? Thanks!

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Hi Kevin,

Try right click or long press on currently playing track in the queue. In the drop down, select Start Radio.

I noticed that it starts the currently playing track over again, before going into Radio. This could be better by continuing the track from its current position. @support

Give it a try an see what you think.

Cheers, Greg


+1 (and a big one)
This is one of my most missed use cases from LMS.
While playing a queue I often think “this is a great track, lets listen to a few similar tracks before continuing with the current queue”.
So, it would be great to start a radio without interrupting playing and without reseting the queue.
Only the possibility to extend the queue with radio from another seed.

Another usecase would be to build a shuffled queue from different radio seeds. Maybe “never heard tracks” with “favorite tracks”.

That does the trick, thanks @Greg! I agree with your suggestion for refining that selection by continuing to play the current track, as well as with @AE67 - being able to retain the current queue while seeding Radio for some period of time would be nice as well. Cheers!

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Yup, if you have Radio set to automatically start after the Queue finishes, you can just clear upcoming tracks and it will happen automatically.

It sounds like you’re looking for something more immediate, like @AE67 is describing. I’m going to move this to Feature Requests, so we can gauge interest. I find myself wanting this too :wink:

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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