Start RoonServer on a Mac at StartUp not Login

I run RoonServer on an iMac.
As Mac users will likely be aware it is difficult to configure a Mac to load an application at startup (rather then when you login - the latter is easy through System Preferences)

From researching it seems I should be able to do this by adding a plist file to /Library/LaunchDaemons

I have tried this but suspect I lack the knowledge to configure the plist file correctly - it is named com.roonserver.plist

This is my file content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Label com.roonserver.plist ProgramArguments /Applications/ --service RunAtLoad Disabled ProcessType Interactive KeepAlive

Does anyone know how this might be configured? It seems the only way that RoonServer might be available on a Mac after startup and before logon

thanks in anticipation

OK my mistake - the above file content does actually work - it’s just if you still have RoonServer enabled to run on start up you get two instances and by default will connect to the original .

So this is a work around solution for enabling RoonServer to run from StartUp and before the user logs on to the Mac

Once I realised this and connected to the right instance and set up connection to my NAS drive everything worked fine.

You do need to understand how to create and edit a plist file to enable this to work - don’t do it unless you are confident that you won’t break something!

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