Starting a new Roon account based on another account

Windows 10

Hi, I want to have 2 memberships, I already have 1. I want the second membership to start based on the playlists of the first membership. How do I do this please?
I’ve tried taking a backup of the original and restoring on the second computer, but as soon as I logout of the original account and login to the new account the playlists are gone.


Are you sure you want to pay for two memberships? Maybe you can do whatever it is you want to do with only one membership. For instance, you can run the Roon core on more than one device with only one membership.

Not at the same time though.

@ Blackjack, as far as I can tell the playlists are linked to the account. I have one paid account and 1 trial account. I can switch between the two and as soon as I log on to the paid account the playlists appear for that account.

For what ever reason, I don’t know/understand. As far as I’m aware of, you can easily have more than one paid core license in the same account. As backups/playlists are account bound, this would allow you to use a backup of your first core on the second one as a start.
If you insist on having two accounts, you have to export the playlists on account one and import them on account two. More details can be found in the thread I linked above (just click on the thread title to go there).

Hi @OnBoardAtLast,

All of your database information is account-specific, including playlists.

Can you elaborate a bit on what you’re hoping to do here? You can add another license to your existing account so you can use two Cores at one, and since they’re both the same account, you can restore a backup to retrieve your playlists.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to have two separate accounts, you can try exporting your playlists so that you can use them on the other account.

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