Starting from zero

Hey, I’m about ready to download the tryout, I would like to install it on a Synology Nas, what do I have to download ? Can I install it at a connected usb at the Nas

Hey Fernand,

Read this (all of it):

Links to the installation instructions are at the end of the article.

Hey , I did the best i can, and I get only to this, I have buyed a ssd and renamed it as ‘Roon Server’ following by the instructions but it does not work. I only get the messace "Failed to run the package service"
Could it be that i simply have to do an installation from the Roon website ?

saerching searching, Wow, I’m getting closer, pff

Roon is running now, i’m glad, could be a great step forward, thinking on replace Nad M50 by Metrum Ambre