Starting out with ARC

I’m running Roon 2.0 and downloaded and synced the ARC app on my Ipad.
But excuse my lack of understanding - I assumed that I would be able to access Roon on my mobile device and enjoy similar playback features when at home. Presumably this will mean having a mobile connected to data services constantly.
But will this only be possible with music that I have downloaded ( ie the physical FLAC files on the Core) or will it work with other music in the Roon Library that are, in effect, simply links to their source such as Qobuz or Tidal ?

Should work with everything.

You can stream from your core as well as Tidal and Qobuz. However, be aware that downloading albums to the phone in the ARC app (for offline listening) is only possible for files that your have locally on the core, NOT with Tidal/Qobuz. This is a licensing restriction imposed on/by Tidal/Qobuz or their label contracts.

In general, this will answer most questions you may have:

Ok, but then what is the point of ARC ? I already have my ripped library on a phone which I can play from. I assumed the whole point would be to stream the Roon ‘library’ ( ripped files plus links to those found on Qobuz etc) remotely.
Doesn’t ARC then just become another media player ?
I must be missing something . . .

That’s exactly the point of ARC. The idea is that you don’t need to sync your library to your phone manually anymore. It unifies your library and streaming services into one app.

Yes. No. If/when DSP is implemented, you’ll now have a service that can do DSP for your headphones or car or whatever system while you’re on the go. It’s also giving you access to Roon radio. ARC replaces the need to have Qobuz + Tidal installed on a device. Now you can have just ARC, if desired.

You can, as long as your phone is online. What I was saying it’s that you can’t download Tidal/Qobuz tracks to ARC on the phone for offline listening. This is limited to the files you have on the core

Doesn’t ARC then just become another media player

It is, but a streaming media player that includes all the information on your Roon, your tags, playlists, edited metadata, etc. (Note that there are currently some limitations, but this is ARC 1.0 and more will come.

For me, that’s the main point of ARC, to have all my meticulously edited metadata for certain artists that are important to me, all the albums that streaming services are missing. I.e., my personal Roon while away from home

OK, forget DSP for the moment. But you can only access downloaded content ( ie only those physical files in your possession). So you only have access to the non Qobuz/Tidal content of the library.
Or is it that when connected ( ie over 4G data services) you can access the entire Roon library.

Consider ARC a single endpoint. It’s not “full” Roon functionality but it’s close.

You can also download for offline mode files that live in Roon (not Qobuz / Tidal streamed tracks but files you actually have stored).

This gives you access to your entire library for streaming while away from your Roon network / home. The expectation is you have connection to your Core for ARC to work. ARC also has an “offline” mode where, then yes, it works more like a media playback app playing from the locally downloaded content.

But, in my opinion, ARC really shines only when it has a connection back to your Core. This can be cellular or wifi away from your home. ARC is optimized, based on setting, to handle less that optimal networks and still work.

Does that help?

No! You have your local files from the core, your Tidal and your Qobuz all available in the ARC app, and you can play/stream all of them when your phone is online with cellular data.

However, for offline listening (no cellular data because you travel to the Sahara desert), downloading files in advance to the ARC app is only possible for the files you have on the core, not for tracks on Tidal/Qobuz

Edit: The ARC FAQ link that I posted further up does answer questions like this :slight_smile:

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One big omission is there are no sections dedicated to Qobuz or Tidal like in the main app. You have to rely on search (and all its foibles) to find material from steaming services that are not already in your library.

Aha - that’s good !
Now to check how much bandwidth ARC might use playing over cellular !

That depends on what you set it as in the app, by default it’s set to auto which does tend to air on caution for cellular but if the bandwidth is there it will use a higher quality. Read the FAQ as it explains all about it.

That’s also in the FAQ :wink:

Hi, I have downloaded Arc, but under Settings, Roon ARC, when trying to connect, the result after “Listening” is an error message “Roon ARC was unable to securely access your Roon Core”. I have tried restting the Listening port. Troubleshooting brings up a help page I don’t understand.
Confirm your router supports automatic configuration
I have no idea how to do this.

Hi, please go to the #support:port-forwarding-help category and click on the New Topic button, top right (you can click #support:port-forwarding-help to go there). It will show a template with questions about your ISP and how your local network is set up and connected. Please fill it out. Copy the error message that is shown in “Diagnostic data” in your Roon ARC settings, where it says “unable to securely access your Roon Core”, and add it to your post.

This will help us understand what the specific problem is.