“Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!”

I’ve been using a Bricasti M3 with internal streamer card with Roon for a year now.

The other day, I started noticing that Roon wouldn’t always pick up the internal streamer card, but it would always pick it up if I turned my Bricasti on / off.

More annoyingly, I was in the process of streaming through Roon when I started getting the error message: “Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!”

However, no other audio device was playing Roon. I restarted Roon, restarted my PC, uninstalled / re-installed Roon even, etc. but this continued. Bricasti was selected in Roon, so it was recognizing it, because it was showing up as the device selected. It even shows up in Roon if I lower the volume on my DAC, so it definitely was showing up in Roon and it was recognizing it.

However, turning my Bricasti on / off again fixed this issue temporarily. Turning it on and off resumed streaming via the Bricasti and got rid of that pesky message about starting playback on my other audio device… well, temporarily, anyway.

Until it started up again. It cycled through not recognizing the DAC at all again and then it started again with the: “Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!” messages. I only have Roon on my PC and my phone, but just to be sure, I double and triple checked any and all Bluetooth devices in my house that have the potential to play music, even though Roon isn’t installed on any of them. Not only was I unable to play Roon through any of them except my PC and phone (using other forms of streaming that are not my Bricasti), but these devices are all disabled via Roon 99% of the time unless I enable them. I can see a list of all BT devices, such as TVs and phones, but Roon has been showing them all as disabled.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be? Even though turning my Bricasti on / off solved the issue (temporarily) it might seem that it’s obviously a Bricasti issue, but, I switched to BubbleUPnP on my phone to see if it was my internal streamer on Bricasti going bad, but it recognized my Bricasti immediately. I’ve been streaming my DAC via BubbleUPnP while Roon continues to give me “Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!” messages non-stop. Force closing Roon, uninstalling it, and double and triple checking that my Bricasti is selected and that it should be playing right here are yielding no results. Also getting the same error message on my phone, as well.

The bizarre thing is that Roon still gives me the same error message when I completely unplug my ethernet cables and switch to USB. While ethernet was connected and USB (I rarely use USB but whipped it out for this emergency) and it actually showed TWO Bricastis in the audio devices menu. One Bricasti is the LAN streaming one and the other shows up as “MDx” (which is named after the MDx board inside the DAC), and even when I tried to get Roon to play Bricasti using USB, it still kept insisting that it was attempting playback to another device. For what it’s worth, Bricasti via USB works perfectly with Tidal, Youtube, and anywhere else on my computer. Because my computer immediately recognized Bricasti as my USB dac, but Roon still insists on attempting playback on audio device… which never starts or happens. I spent hours trying to get it to work to no avail. I just switched the Bricasti on and off again. Now I’m able to play through Roon with both USB and ethernet again.

Before I switched it off, I tried disabling all sorts of things and enabling them. I’ve spent hours doing this, basically.

For several hours, I was trying to do everything to get it to play. I use have Tidal connected to Roon and it pulls from my Tidal playlists, for what it’s worth – if that’s even relevant.

It seems that switching it on and off gets it running again with USB and ethernet, but it’s been short lived these past few days. I bought the DAC a year ago and have been using it through Roon the exact same way every day for a year. I’ve never had issues with it recognizing it through USB or ethernet except these past two days. It really started acting up badly yesterday and got worse today.

Someone with this same exact issue (I googled) was having the same exact error message of attempting playback that never happens, and in their case, they said: “Chord set me straight. The Poly’s Bluetooth connection was being latched onto by my phone. Disable/forget BT and good to go.”

They were having the same problem with Roon and the playback error message. It ended up being solved by disabling Bluetooth on their other devices. The concerning thing is, though, that I haven’t done anything different from what I normally do on a daily basis with any of my other devices. Nor have I brought any new devices into my house.

It’s not that when it messes up that it straight up acts broken, it just keeps insisting that it’s attempting to start playback on some other audio device, but I for the life of me can’t figure out which. This goes for both USB and ethernet connection. And when I’m connected to USB, the only thing it’s connected to is this computer, but it still gives me the error message of attempting to play on a different device. The only device connected to USB is my computer so it’d be physically impossible to play it anywhere else. I thought for sure that cutting out LAN altogether and attempting USB playback would be more intuitive, but it would still give me the error message of attempting to play it on an audio device that seemingly isn’t my computer, or else it’d have been playing there. I’m starting to think it might be some glitch with Roon. Plus, in the list of all devices that Roon does pick up (such as my BT capable TVs, phones, etc.), everything is always disabled anyway unless I enable it. I can see my phone and my two TVs in Roon as devices that have the potential to take streaming, but they’re disabled and it doesn’t explain why it says it’s attempting to play to a different audio device when I completely disconnect ethernet and unplug the ethernet cables, just to try to get it to play with USB which is a very straightforward thing.

Anyway, it’s working for now because I switched it on and off and let it power cycle. I just don’t know why it’s doing that and hope that it doesn’t become a regular thing. USB just doesn’t sound as good as streaming does. BubbleUPnP also doesn’t sound as good. JRiver works fine with my Bricasti but I always feel like I time traveled back to 1995 when I use it, haha. Roon is really where my music shines and having it do this is making me frustrated beyond belief. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I should note that my PC (the one I’m having issues getting stuff playing on) is my Roon core and I don’t have a bridge. Never have. I’ve never had issues getting Roon to play through my speakers in the other room or on here. I only have it installed on this computer and my phone, both of which were working perfectly up until two days ago. Speaking of my phone, I should note that the same error message started showing up on my phone as well whenever I’d attempt to get my speakers to play something or play anything on my phone, too. Even though my Roon core (this PC) is showing up as being set-up and recognized and everything. So the same error message was plaguing both my PC and my phone. Once again, it might seem like a Bricasti issue, and yet BubbleUPnP and JRiver aren’t having issues, so I have no idea idea what’s going on.

I just began having the exact same problem. Roon is working fine on my other devices. I only get the same error message when trying to play something on Roon. My Bricasti M3 is only 2 months old.

I plan to contact them next week for tech support.

Have you had any luck resolving the issue?

I’m sorry to hear you’re having the same problem. When Roon starts doing this, it’ll do it both via USB and through streaming with my M3. I reached out to Bricasti and they basically said that if Roon is doing this even with USB when it starts acting up, then it’s definitely a Roon thing and not a Bricasti thing. My entire computer will be able to use Roon via USB anywhere, and likewise, BubbleUPnP and other streaming services will be able to stream, so I know that the network streamer is working fine.

If you are using the network streamer in the M3, one of my friends gave me a little trick that bypasses needing to turn the DAC on and off.

If you go to this link when the issue arises, it will essentially reboot your network streamer without the need to turn your DAC on and off. And likewise, I noticed that USB started working again as well when the issue cleared itself. My friend (who owns a Bricasti) and I speculate that this issue is more prone to happen when we switch songs too quickly, for example, and it sometimes gets “stuck” – at least that’s what we theorize. That’s why, for me, even trying to use the device in USB mode won’t work once it’s stuck, although other USB devices will still work. It’s as though something between Roon and Bricasti compatibility will get stuck, glitch the program, and it won’t be able to get unstuck unless you reboot the device. Really annoying but the link I shared has worked like a charm, For what it’s worth, it’s only happened to me once since I made this post, and using the link I mentioned worked like a charm without the need to turn the DAC on and off. Hope this helps.

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