Starting playback on your audio device. This may take moment

Suddenly stopped via Primare streamer with above message but continues fine via Hifiberry

Hi @Alastair_Romanes I associate the behaviour you describe with Chromecast endpoints. I notice that the Primare is both Roon ready and also supports Chromecast connectivity. Presumably connection via either is possible from Roon, which are you using?

A screen shot of the endpoint details and signal path might help, please.

Finally, is this a one off or consistent behaviour?

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using Chromecast, Roon endpoint only. However, the problem seems to have gone away for the moment. So, all good.

No problem, always worth checking and glad to hear you’ve got the music back.

I get the message frequently with a Cambridge Edge NQ dac/streamer/pre. It’s basically waking the device from standby in my case. Music always starts pretty quickly.