Starting Roon Server (Mac)

Roon Server Machine

  • macOS 14.2.1, Roon version 2 Build 1357

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  • Fritzbox router

Connected Audio Devices

  • MacBook Pro via wifi to router
  • Devialet via ethernet to router

Number of Tracks in Library

  • 70k

Description of Issue

I’ve searched the community and KB, and can’t find an answer…

If (for whatever reason) I quit Roon Server from the menu bar item, then open Roon, Roon Server doesn’t restart. I can manually start it from /Applications/, but this is not intuitive. There’s no “Start Roon Server” button as the KB suggests, just a waiting for server dialog. Am I missing something?

I’ve found the most secure way to ensure that both components of Roon start properly is to have the Roon Server in my Login Items: System Settings > General > Login Items.

If you put it there in your case and restart, what happens?

Would it also help us to suggest courses of action if you explained why you want to quit Roon Server?

I have the same issue, but unlike you I do get the “Start Roon Server” button, but it doesn’t live up to its name. As @Mark_Sealey suggested, I have Roon Server set to start as a login item, but I’ve also dragged it into the dock so I can manually restart it if necessary.

Hi @mikeb,

Out of curiosity, was this machine previously an all-in-one before the 1300+ builds that split RoonServer and Roon, the UI component? In the old nomenclature, this would have been shorthanded to a laptop Roon Core.

If so, try performing a Backup + database refresh to see if it remedies or improves symptoms here.

Nullifying my ~6 year old database isn’t really an option. I had hoped you might ask yourselves why the “Start Roon Server” button isn’t showing. I’ll drag Roon Server into the dock as suggested.

That will make it more easily accessible. But it won’t automatically launch it. (Just wanting to make sure that was clear.) Good luck!

Yep, from the menu item → launch at startup: check. Thanks.

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