Startup issue on DSM7, database on USB drive

Roon not starting

The USB drive is renamed to “RoonServer_1”
And a new shared folder is created “RoonServer” which is empty

Remove the empty folder “RoonServer”
Rename “RoonServer_1” to “RoonServer”

Root Cause:
I suspect the USB drive name is not available in time at startup of the Synology server.

Edit the script in /volume1/@appstore/RoonServer/RoonServer/
Add a first line:
sleep 120
This will delay the start of RoonServer with 2 minutes.

Remaining issue:
The workaround is not robust.
After a few week, the issue returned. The added line with delay in was gone. I suspect this is cause by automatic updates.

System used:
RoonServer, version 20210807 (Beta)
DS1621xs, running DSM7