Startup quotes - How to keep them?

Roon displayed some interesting quotes on startup. Oftentimes they go away too fast for me to read them. How can I retrieve them?

For me, they are in a small box that only displays a portion of the quotes.

A question that’s been asked for many years

The bigger annoyance up is that on a large library it takes so long to read the library you could probably hold the quote on the screen while this going on and maybe even read multiple quotes.

An even bigger annoyance is that you can’t switch them off.

On the core or the control screen?

I run rock so there is only the control screen

Ginormous library?

275k give or take

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Wowser no wonder it’s a bit slow.

True. But I was thinking more on the Roon client side run on a computer that doesn’t take much time to start up.

Tracks I assume! :slight_smile:

What Roon Rock configuration do you run?

Tracks yes…it’s an i7-7700 in a Streacom FC7 chassis 16gb ram ASUS H110 Mobo and Sata ssd. Library in on a nas (12tb) was running win10 then swapped the ssd out and put rock on it - no issues just restored the backup from nas

To keep on topic I wonder if the quotes are in a file somewhere?

the splash is there to load the app, not start up the core… that happens post-login.

unfortunately there isn’t a way

the splash doesn’t take away keyboard control, does it? what’s the harm?

Hi Miguel,
roaming around my harddisk today while listening to new music, I found the file containing those sought after quotes!
On my Windows machine, it’s in the users Directory:
C:\Users\Marin Weigel\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100700528\quotes.db.txt

I put this up on my Cloud Server, in case you can’t locate the file:

Have fun, and take your time reading…

if you all want to make a new topic and suggest new quotes in there, I’m open to adding them to the list :slight_smile:

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Why isn’t it possible to have them display while the library is loading or even have one call them up on demand?

I don’t really care if they are there or not, but why have them if you can’t read them either because they don’t stay up long enough or they are in a box that doesn’t show the entire quote?

They work fine in both regards on my system.

That might be because of your display settings. Is your display set to more than 100%?

You might want to open a support thread, but then again, my guess is that the team is working on much more important tasks, and given the social distancing and such, this issue will get stuck at the bottom of the priority list.