Static and Glitches on Bluesound Equipment

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

All devices are hard-wired through ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Soundbar 2i paired with a Powernode (5.1 setup)
Bluesound Pulse Mini

Number of Tracks in Library

~70,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I’m getting a weird static and glitching when playing both local songs and Tidal songs. It just started happening a few days ago. I also have downloading a large amount of data (for about a week) over the web so some of my bandwidth is probably in use but do you think that would affect things? The thing is, even for locally stored music is this static is happening. The music works fine on other devices such as my Dragonfly Black.

My Core and 20,000 track library is on
a QNAP NAS and all of my gear is on Ethernet, I have only one Bluesound piece of gear, a Node 2i, and it started doing that to me after a firmware update. I tried rebooting everything, powered down and unplugged everything with no luck. As much as I hate to say it, a ‘factory reset’ of the Bluesound fixed it. I have only had three issues in two years with the Node 2i and each time an issue appeared, was after a firmware update.

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I just did a factory reset to the Pulse Mini, it didn’t change anything. Still have static. Now it’s flashing a white LED-- not sure why.

Flashing white means there is a software update available. Solid white means it is indexing.

Well, when I check for an update it says none available.

Sorry the factory reset didn’t fix it. You may have to go to Bluesound support about the flashed white LED.

Hey @J_B thanks for letting us know and for trying a factory reset.

Have you tried connecting your affected audio devices with a different cable? Does that improve the static issue?

Additionally, as stated in our Networking Best Practices article, we recommend enabling “Enable Multicast Routing” option in settings. Can you please check this setting and change it if need be? Does the issue still occur?

As for the flashing white lights, stephen_horvath had a great idea - we would also recommend contacting Bluesound support if this continues.


Ok so, update. The flashing light had to do with the fact that my library location had changed (it was updated in Roon but not for the Bluesound OS). Strangely, once I fixed this, the static and glitches stopped happening. Weird.

Thanks all for your help!

PS: I already had set-up everything according to the Networking Best Practices.


Glad you got it all fixed up!

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