Static IP address issues

My network is as follows:

An ISP modem/router on
An own dd-Router on

Hooked on the dd-wrt Router 2 wired connections and alot of wifi connections
The 2 wired connections are:

  • a PC containing the Roon Core with IP address of
  • a second TP-link accesspoint with the same IP address as the dd-wrt router

Hooked on the second TP-link, A Sonore Streamer, with Audioquest Cobalt DAC. with IP, and a few other devices.

Running Roon on my PC works fine and smoothly
But of course, I prefer to control Roon via a tablet or smartphone (I have both Android and IOS) , instead of the PC, with the PC with Roon core active on the background.

Roon is searching for IP address which is on 2 accesspoints. Searching takes alot of time and when it finds my PC on it disconnects sometimes within a second, sometimes after 2 minutes,

Is there a way to set on my tablet/smartphone that Roon automatically searches and connects on the right IP?

And if there is not a way to do that, does my second TP-link accesspoint work if I assign an IP address of 192,168.178.3, so it cannot conflict with the other AP?

I think one of these 2 solutions might help face the problem of the poor connection.

Shall I move this to the support category where it might be seen.

That would be great. Thank you.

Fixed it myself. Had a spare dd-wrt router, switched the ip address to, changed the gateway one digit and changed all the ip numbers in the 300 range instead of the 200. Replaced this spare to the old one and to my surprise it worked.

Don’t know what did the trick, but the tablet and smartphone now finds the Roon Core and everything runs smoothly.

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