Static-like sound issue

Roon Core Machine

Core was on fully-loaded Mac Mini running Big Sur. Moved it to a Nucleus+ with a 4tb SDD yesterday

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi router with two satellites. Mac was and Nucleus is connected to route via Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Lots of Bluesound gear all on WiFi. Have tested devices connected via Ethernet but didn’t make problem go away.

Library Size


Description of Issue

Intermittent static-like sound when playing tracks via Roon Core. Does it when playing tracks from the hard drive or via Qobuz. Moved core from MacMini to Nucleus+ yesterday in hopes that it was a RAM issues on the MacMini…but problem persists. Problem does not happen when I stream same tracks from Qobuz but directly from the BlueSound app. Bought a nee router today, but not sure I want to install it now that I see that moving to the Nucleus didn’t help and playing same stuff via BS app works without weird sound. Not sure what to do. Return Nucleus?

What format and bitrate are the failing tracks?

Is the music still importing or being analysed?

Are you playing to multiple zones at the same time?

Orbi Mesh is still wifi unless you are connected to your router wired - perhaps a hand done drawing of how the orbi is setup might help us and you see whats happening.

Hi @Ben_Kaatz, does this happen for all tracks that you play? All sample rates? Are you using DSP?
What happens if you play to a different endpoint? Is this limited to the Bluesound?

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Hello. It’s was happening with all rates wired and WiFi to the endpoints. All of my endpoints are Bluesound. No DSP. That being said, it’s hasn’t had the problem since I write the post. All endpoints are currently via WiFi. Didn’t install the new router. Gonna wait and see…