Static when pausing Qobuz playback

I’m currently beta testing Qobuz and I’m also using Tidal.

I stream from a windows 2012 Server running Roon core controlled by a separate PC running Roon on windows 10 to a PSAudio Direct Stream Jr. over the Ethernet interface using RAAT. Both computers have Roon 1.6 installed and the PSAudio DAC is running the latest version of Snowmass (2.01)

Whenever I pause a Qobuz file that is playing, after about 5 seconds of silence, I hear a loud burst of white noise that lasts for about 1 second. This also seems to happen when Roon radio is playing music and it switches back and forth between tidal and Qobuz. I think actually happens on the switch from Qobuz to Tidal.

Has anyone run into this issue and do you know of any way to rectify it?

I’m also posting this to the PSAudio forums in case the problem is caused by the DAC.

Hello @John_Fox,

There appears to be a bug in the latest PS Audio Network Bridge II firmware that is causing the issue you are seeing. The recommended solution from PS Audio at the moment is to downgrade the firmware on the Network Bridge. You can read more about this issue here


Hi, @john,

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try the downgrade of the bridge software over the next few days.

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