Static when playing music

After the update to Roon 2.0 I’ve been having in intermittant issue in which there are brief bursts of static heard when playing music. This happens both with local files and Qobuz.

Intel NUC Core i5/Roon ROCK with internal 2TB HDD connects directly to router then wifi to Bluesound Node 2i.

Every other method of playing through the Node works properly including Spotify Connect, Qobuz through the BlueOS app and BlueOS playing files from my NAS.

I have rebooted the router and restarted Roon Server and the problem still exists. I never experienced this problem until the Roon 2.0 update.

I’d be grateful for suggestions.

Did your Node 2i do a firmware update after you started using Roon 2.0? Over the last three years I have only had three issues with my Node 2i and each time was after a Node 2i firmware update. After the last firmware update, prior to Roon 2.0, I had static, clicks and pops and I could only correct the issue by performing a factory reset of the Node 2i. Having to do a factory reset stinks and I consider it a last resort, but it fixed my issue.


Thanks @Stephen_Horvath for the suggestion. Unfortunately the factory reset on the Node 2i didn’t fix the issue.

A workaround that did work was to go to Roon > Settings > Audio and disable the “Roon Ready Bluesound Node 2i” and enable the Node 2i as an AirPlay device.

What that means to me is that, in my system, that the Bluesound Node 2i is not a Roon Ready device when using Roon 2.0. The Node was Roon Ready while using Roon 1.8.

In my opinion, the “upgrade” to Roon 2.0 broke the Node in terms of Roon readiness.

Every other method of playing music through the Node works fine - Spotify Connect, Qobuz thru the BlueOS app, local files played from NAS, local files played via attached USB drive etc. The only method that fails is using the Node as a Roon Ready streamer.

FWIW, I also connected the Node to my DAC using coax and optical, as well as bypassing the DAC by connecting the Node to my pre-amp using analog interconnects. Same results.

I’m not knocking Roon because I understand that there will be issues when there are major software updates. Hopefully, this will get Roon’s attention and they can address the issue.

You did yourself quite a bit a troubleshooting, glad you got it figured out!

Hey @Jim_Anderson,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread, we enabled diagnostics on your account and took a deeper look into this issue. From what we can tell, it doesn’t seem to be the node or your network. We’re seeing something odd with playing Qobuz files. I’d be curious to see if you temporarily disable your Qobuz connection with Roon and only stream local files, would you see the same issue occur? I’d be sure to give your core a hard reboot after disabling, followed by reconnecting your endpoints.

I’d also consider performing a library cleanup if the issue persists. With this, I should let you know we DO expect some issues when connected via USB (we’re investigating this issue as we speak) but Roon Ready should be functioning properly.

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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Thanks for the reply. I did what you suggested and here’s what I found.

With Qobuz disabled, playing local files via AirPlay is still perfect. There’s still a bit of occasional static when using the Node 2i as a Roon Ready device but it’s much improved, almost to the point of the static being un-noticeable. When connecting the NUC directly to the DAC via USB everything plays perfectly.

With Qobuz re-enabled and playing local files, AirPlay and USB to DAC are still perfect, and just a hint of static when using the Node as Roon Ready. Playing Qobuz files Roon Ready still plays with noticeable static but no issues with AirPlay or USB to DAC.

When playing back local files I used both Hi-Res and CD quality files.

Overall, the amount of static when playing Qobuz to Roon Ready is noticeably less

I hope this helps.

Hey @Jim_Anderson,

Thanks for sharing the above information! As a next step, let’s refresh your RAATServer database:

You can generate a new RAATServer instance on your device by following these instructions, but please be aware that this will reset your Roon Settings → Audio Tab to factory settings and I would advise making a backup of any custom DSP settings you have:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon database

  • Exit out of Roon

  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location

  • Find the folder that says “RAATServer”

  • Rename the “RAATServer” folder to “RAATServer_old”

  • Restart the Roon App to generate a new RAATServer folder

    Let me know how things sound after the above. Happy listening :notes:

Thanks, Ben. That got it working again. Thanks for your help! :sunglasses:

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