Station Data Inconsistencies by Location

Just observed some station data inconsistencies with Roon that may make it hard for people to search or find stations.

If you search by Location, then go to Washington DC, you’ll find a station from Bellingham WA in the list.

If you go to Mississippi, you’ll only find one station, the college station in Starkville MS. Southernsoulradio from Jackson MS was added to the list some time ago (at least I think it was), but doesn’t show up in a location search.

I’ve moved Bellingham back to WA. Thank you.

I’m having trouble with Southern soul. The website is no longer active, and I can’t find any working streams. Do you have any insight?

No insight - I’ve just tried multiple ways and they may be gone. They were linked with Malaco Records, so I hope Malaco isn’t gone, too.