Station not available anymore, but can‘t remove it from „My Live Radio“

Dear Folks,

I don‘t think this is the usual „station error“, but sorry, if posting in the wong thread…

„The Lot Radio“ from NYC seems to be not available anymore, as Roon is telling me (although still working in TuneIn and on their website).

Well, whatever, no problem with that, but it still shows in „My Live Radio“ and I can‘t remove it from there, because there are no buttons to do so anymore… :smile:

Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!

Yes, it’s a shame that Roon won’t accept the stream - I have told the Devs. Anyway, to remove your instance of it, try this:

In my live radio, select the station (long press or right click). Using the 3 dots that appears at the top, choose remove from library. Does that work?

Worked of course, could have found out myself, oh my…

Thanks a lot!

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