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Hey, I’ve tried several ways to add this station to my live radio, but it doesn’t seem to take.

The station’s home page stream is Rejoice! 96.9 - Greenville, SC

On TuneIn, it shows Rejoice 96.9, WGTK-HD3 96.9 FM, Greenville, SC | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

When I put that in Roon, it translates to,aac

That worked for a couple days, but now I always get “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.”

I appreciate your help!

Hello @Steven_Rau , I’ve added Rejoice! 96.9 for you. US only.

I’m not sure about your issue, but it may be because of the redirection that was occurring for load balancing. If a redirected stream was added, then this may have disappeared after a few days.

I have explicitly added the URLs for streams before the redirection - I hope that works, if not please let me know.

Thanks. How do I find it now? I can’t find it with a search for “96.9” or “rejoice” in the “live radio browser.”

Do I still need to add by URL? If so, which URL?

Thanks again!

Use the magnifying glass, top right is easiest,

Or categories > locations > United States > South Carolina.

Or , if you live near Greenville, it should be in local stations

(I assume you are in US, otherwise it won’t show)

It doesn’t show in my local (Greenville, SC) stations, but I was able to find in by search now. Thank you!

One other question if I may. I see that there are three streams. The 96kbps one is a .mp3. The other two are 64kbps with types .aac and .m3u8.

I was thinking that mp3 is generally compressed and lossy – but it looks like it’s my best choice of these three. Is that correct?

Strange, I’ve checked the co-ords and they are correct. Do you see 10WANS - that’s also at Greenville?

As for Mp3 vs aac - your choice. They’re both lossy but aac’s codec is better; it has lower bitrate here though, so a personal choice.

I guess the software doesn’t know where I am.

My top six Local stations are:

WEND Salisbury, NC
WAKT Toledo, OH
WERC Hoover, AL
WCLV Cleveland, OH
The Gamut 104.5 Washington, DC
Praise 104.1 Washington, DC

I’m not using a VPN or anything.


That what Roon uses on a Rock… I don’t know about your core.

It puts me in Easley, South Carolina. That’s only 12 miles away, so I would think I should see mostly Greenville radio stations.

I’m just looking under “Live Radio → Local stations,” right? It doesn’t really change when I hit “more” either – except of course to show me more that 6 stations.

Right. Sounds like your core is giving a funny Geo-location.

EDIT. If you tap/click the little globe icon next to the filter, does that show anything funny?
Have you set it up for 500 miles or something?

Well, yes, apparently I did. Lol. My bad. Ok, now I see it as one of only 2 local stations. I guess that’s why I widened it previously. Must have only been one before.

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